Saturday, July 31, 2010

G3 Magazine.

I was reading the latest from ThinkDefence and he mentioned a magazine that is definitely worth your attention.

Its called G3, the subscription is free and if you want a British perspective on UK, European and US defense policy and a view of different tech, then this is mag for you.  I'm still reading it but it appears to be a winner.

Information request on Juniper Stallion 2010.

War News Updates ran a story concerning the crash of the CH-53 in Romania.  You can read it here.  But a little light digging led me to "Juniper Stallion 2010".

I can find nothing on it.

A Google News Search gave me seven...that's right 7 hits.  No photos.  No Navy press releases.  Nothing.

If you can provide a heads up on the units/ships involved and the type of training that took place, I'd certainly appreciate it.  And since this is a named exercise and is the public arena, I assume that its not classified.