Thursday, June 18, 2015

Baltops 2015 News. A Polish PTS-M sank?

via Defence 24.
According to Maj Michael Romanchuk of the General Command of the armed forces during exercises off the coast of today's Ustki, held as part of maneuvers BALTOPS 2015 there was the sinking of the floating transporter PTS-M.
During ćwiczebnego landing with the participation of approx. 700 soldiers came to the incident, during which sank amphibian PTS-M with two people on board. The soldiers were rescued, not suffered any damage. The vehicle sank at a distance of approx. 20 meters from the beach, returning aboard ORP "Lublin".
Crawler Transporters floating PTS-M is designed vehicles in the mid-60s of the last century in the Soviet Union, still are used in the Polish Army. They were repeatedly used for rescue operations, carried out with the participation of Polish Armed Forces in order to eliminate the effects of natural disasters, including floods.
Vehicles sink all the time.  That's not news.  What surprises me is that one sank during this large, multinational exercise.  Additionally the Poles seem hell bent on inducting more amphibious armored vehicles into its ranks.  I'll watch to see if this puts a damper on those ambitions.

One thing can't be denied.  The PTS-M has been a workhorse and is a logistical super star.

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