Thursday, June 11, 2015

F-35 News. Is the Marine Air "neck down" strategy changing?

Marine Times
Marines with three squadrons aboard the amphibious assault ship Wasp flew dozens of sorties a day at the stick of the F-35B, the service's next generation short-takeoff, vertical-landing fighter that will replace the AV-8B Harrier and EA-6B Prowler.

Did you notice that?  The F-35B will replace the Harrier and the Prowler.  They no longer include the F/A-18A/B/C/D.

That was once a HUGE selling point of the F-35.  It would replace legacy airplanes and allow Marine Air to neck down to one fighter jet that could perform the missions of all current fighter/attack/electronic airplanes.

This article isn't the only one that is leaving out Hornets as part of the replacement plan.

Is the Marine Air neck down strategy changing?

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