Sunday, June 07, 2015

World of Tanks. Finally seeing some success!


After all the raging, cursing, wall punching and outright disgust I'm finally seeing some success.

The reason why?

I don't move for the first minute of the game!  I sit in place like I'm AFK, wait for everyone to rush out to positions, get blasted and then I slice and dice.

Oh and for my fellow T-69 drivers.  Do yourself a favor.  Dump the 90mm, downsize to the 76mm gun--run optics (so you can circle strafe if necessary but still see far), vertical stabilizer and enhanced gun laying drive.  Pack about 10 rounds of HE and the rest your normal APCR (the 76 gets that for standard ammo).  A reload time of 15 seconds, matched with crew skill deadeye and you'll bring most tanks to their knees (including heavily armored beasts like the ST-I if you can get their sides) and run a profit at the same time.

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