Wednesday, July 08, 2015

G2mil's view of "smart cuts" to the US Army...

Note:  Herbert asked me to do it...and so have many we're finally gonna take a look at G2mil's view of what "smart cuts" would look like....
20,000 - Eliminate 7th Army HQs and half of Army bases in Germany
The Army can close excess bases and excess headquarters in Germany and still retain 20,000 soldiers there, with two ground combat brigades in Europe, an aviation brigade, and its hospital and training facilities in Germany.
14,000 - Eliminate 8th Army HQs and close the Daegu complex
Eliminating outdated overhead in Korea (the 8th Army command and Daegu camps ) would allow 8000 non-combat soldier slots to be eliminated, along with some 6000 civilian positions. The Army could retain its current combat forces in Korea, even though the South Korean military is five times more powerful than North Korea.
I fully support this part.  Germany and S. Korea can stand on their own two feet.  Additionally I'm seeing way too much dependence on US command and control structures in Europe/NATO.  Where I part company is that I would instead realign basing for our forward deployed Army units.  Italy/Germany?  Out.  Poland/Romania in.
2500 - Eliminate Africa Command
This four-star command did not exist a decade ago, and has never made sense as it grew from a 200-man European Command planning cell into a 3000-man monstrosity with eleven Generals. As this article explains, it can merge back into the European Command or into the U.S. Navy/NATO command in Italy.
Totally agree with this.  AfriCom is nothing but command bloat.  Quite honestly I still don't see them doing any real work on that continent.  The Ebola outbreak?  Penny packets of troops that in reality only served as possible vectors of the disease back to Europe and the US.  Dealing with the exploding problem of terrorism on the continent?  All talk, no action.  Better to shutter the command then to play political correctness make believe.

Where I disagree?

Its not much.  Maybe a point or two.  Read his post here and let me know what you think.

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