Thursday, July 30, 2015

Northern by Staff Sgt. Matthew Bruch

NOTE: Special Thanks to Bill!  The original caption said that the exercise covered 25 states with coalition partners...well don't take my word, read it for yourself...
Northern Strike 2015 combines air and ground forces spanning 25 states and four coalitioncountries. The exercise took place July 13 to Aug. 1.
As written we'd be looking at an exercise that's bigger than Jade Helm and took place without anyone noticing.  I was high and to the right about this.  Luckily Bill filled in the blanks in the comments section.  It was so important to clarifying this that I decided to post it up here.  Below are his words (I asked who the coalition partners were, if this had occurred before etc...)
Latvia, Poland, Australia and Canada.
A link to the AirNG article about Northern Strike 2013 That one had combat controllers from Latvia and Canada. As did the one from 2014. Since it is a Michigan NG exercise, and based on the previous exercises, it didn't span 25 state, it had units from 25 states .
2014: "Military personnel from Canada and Latvia will also be a part of ONS.
In total, 24 units from 12 States and two Coalition partners will participate in the three-week event."
2013: "The exercise also featured an international flavor with a half-dozen combat controllers from Latvia - one of Michigan's two State Partnership for Peace partner nations - and from Canada participating in the exercise. In all, 29 different units from 16 states, plus the two international partners, participated in the exercise."
Poor wording, they should have said "XX units from 25 states and 4 International Partners".
DVIDS does good work, mistakes happen and no harm, no foul.

The only issue is that a few misconstrued words would have this floating around the gray parts of the internet so fast that it would require Pentagon response to a non-issue exercise.

I'm glad I have the kind of readers that can help sort things out.

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