Saturday, July 04, 2015

Terra Formars is the craziest Japanese Anime I've seen in a while...

You like anime?  Military science fiction anime?  How about anime based on Manga?  If the answer to any of that is yes then you must click here to check out Terra Formars.  

The back story is that they attempted to make Mars hospitable, sent plants and cockroaches to the planet and when the first colonist arrived the cockroaches had mutated into huge human type beasts.  They killed every colonist but not before they could warn the earth.  Meanwhile a disease with the only cure being on Mars means a military mission.  Shit goes wrong and the fight is on.

Sounds like a play on Aliens huh?  Yeah I see the hints but its done in a crazy anime way that makes it unique.  Make sure you check it out and let me know what you think!

Sidenote:  In searching for the manga on this title I ran into several commentaries on it being racist, sexist, preaching eugenics and nationalistic.  The people that are up in arms about this haven't been to Asia.  It is the land of racism, sexism, nationalism...I don't know if I've seen anything about eugenics or racial purity in it but lets be honest....At one time that was the rage world wide.  Long story short.  I don't watch anime for social commentary, a "moral" story, political correctness, etc...I watch it for pure entertainment value.  I take it as it is and don't try and read anything into it and simply accept that in the universe that the story is presented in, this is how things are.  Am I right for doing that?  I don't know, but it works for me.  If you watch this and are insulted then simply stop watching.  Personally I find it quirky enough to still have my attention 7 episodes in.

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