Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Long Range Strike Bomber...the next USAF budget grab...

via Defense Industry Daily.
A GAO report released at the end of July has detailed how US government expenditure on strategic bombers is expected to reach $58 billion over the next ten years. This figure is projected to be split between the development and manufacture of the Air Force's new strategic bomber, the Long-Range Strike Bomber (LRS-B), and upgrading of two in-service platforms, the B2 Spirit and B-52 Stratofortress. The LRS-B program is expected to eat up $33.1 billion over the 2015-2024 period, whilst the upgrading of the B-2 and B-52 fleet is expected to total $24.4 billion. The LRS-B program is due to announce a contract decision in August or September, slipping from a previous timetable of a June or July announcement. The report also forecast $1.3 billion spend on new tailkits for the B61-12 nuclear bomb, which was successfully flight tested in mid-July.

First.  If you're not getting the Defense Industry Daily e-mails in your inbox everyday then you're missing out.  Not only do they meticulously keep track of programs but they also cover each programs HISTORY!  Awesome stuff.

Next.  Its time to have an adult conversation about nuclear deterrence AND delivery of weapons in case of war.

Its about payloads, not platforms which means that the Long Range Strike Bomber is NOT NEEDED!  The Ohio class replacement yes!  A follow on to the Minuteman missile yes!  But the LRSB?  Fuck no!

I have yet to hear a justification for the LRSB.  All I've heard is that its needed.  But tell me.  For what mission?  Nuclear penetration?  Its not gonna make it.  Maritime strike?  The B-52 will do the USAF portion of that fine.  Deep strike?  F-35 or even better F-15E.  So why and for what do we need it?

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