Tuesday, August 25, 2015

US Army's JLTV selection is the worst of two options for the USMC...


Name the one combat vehicle that the USMC has thousands of yet never deploys on MEU's.

Give up?

It MRAPs!  Not because it wouldn't be nice but because they're unusually bulky, and as they say "cube out" the storage areas of the amphibious ships they're carried on.  Additionally they just don't fit with the mission sets that MEU's will be called to perform.

Which adds to my consternation over the JLTV selection.  If the USMC wanted to deploy with MRAPs then the M-ATV was already available.


The USMC is scheduled to buy the first 5500 of these vehicles.  I believe the idea is to get the trucks into service rapidly so that they can "clear the procurement train wreck".

If there is still an ounce of common sense at HQMC they'll cancel this buy and pivot full force to buying the ACV and upgrading the AAV.

How do you solve the issue with having to use the HUMVEE?  Easy.  You sole source Textron to upgrade them to SCTV standard.  That makes this a win-win.  We get vehicles that we actually need and fit into our concept of operations sooner rather than adding a logistical headache to our vaunted and valuable MEUs.

As things stand this is the worst of two options for the USMC.  We get a vehicle that isn't wanted/needed and it takes money away from Marine Corps specific combat vehicle programs.  

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