Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Your fact for the day...

via Wikipedia...
A day after the deadline set in United Nations Security Council Resolution 678, the coalition launched a massive air campaign, which began the general offensive codenamed Operation Desert Storm with more than 1,000 sorties launching per day.
That is your fact for the day.

In 1991 American air power was able to deliver 1000 sorties per day in order to accomplish the national command authorities strategy.  Today, we hear CENTCOM list 20 odd sorties as being a "massive" effort.

Your question for the day is simple.  If necessary could the US military replicate the sortie generation that our legacy/retired fleet did in the early 90's?  If not then the next question becomes, could they destroy the same number of targets that the forces did on the first day of Operation Desert Storm?

If your answer is no then you're looking at less capable, less lethal US airpower.

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