Thursday, October 29, 2015

Despite backroom budget deal, Pentagon still in a pain locker...

via Defense News...
The US House and Senate armed services committees are working to identify $5 billion to cut from the defense budget as part of a larger budget pact between Congress and the White House, leaving procurement programs vulnerable to reductions.
The Pentagon will get nearly everything it wanted in the budget deal — minus $5 billion — leaving defense watchers to speculate how the rewritten policy bill will play out.
Five Billion dollars.

The article goes on to quote a Senator as saying that the cuts will come out of muscle....and the Pentagon has already cut real combat power to pay for the F-35.

How much longer will the USAF, USMC, USN and US Army (what is the abbreviation for the Army?) play nice when one airplane is killing needed upgrades like the Stryker lethality upgrade and pushing back even further the Amphibious Combat Vehicle?

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