Monday, October 26, 2015

KF-X Stealth Fighter Simulation

Interesting isn't it?  The S. Koreans are going for partial stealth like the Russians and the Chinese instead of full stealth.  The world it seems has rendered its verdict.  Full stealth at the cost of fighter performance is not worth it!

What I found fascinating?  The growth pattern already outlined for the S. Korean jet!  A two seat two engine beast that can rule the skies?  They're on the right track!

Last.  F-35 supporters can stick a fork in the idea that their won't be airplanes competing with it for sale.  Did you check out the part where they compared costs?  I don't know where they're getting their figures but since they're inside the program they know the real numbers.  The figures they come up with are sobering.  The F-35 will not only cost more than the program office is telling us but it will continue to break the bank when it comes to ongoing maintenance/support.  The S. Koreans are bragging that their plane will be cheaper not only to purchase but also to fly.

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