Friday, October 09, 2015

The new Commandant needs to get a handle on Marine Air....

Thanks to Max for the link!

via Aviation Week (behind a paywall...a few tidbits...if this is out of bounds I might have to take it down)...
One option under study is to attach a Marine F-35B squadron full-time to the U.K. carrier force, alongside the two planned British squadrons, according to a source close to the U.S. Navy aviation community. While senior officers say it is much too early to focus on any one joint-force structure, they acknowledge many options are being considered, and the Marines specifically identify the British ships as potential bases in their most recent aviation plan.
Serious question.

The USMC is in the midst of a budget trainwreck, yet its buying so many F-35's that its able to farm some out to the UK to serve on its ships on a proposed almost permanent basis?

Is it just me or is it obvious that the Marine Corps might be buying too many F-35s!

Let's go back to boot camp on this.  Marine Aviation needs to remember its function.  If you forgot, then let me refresh your memory...
Marine Aviation provides Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) commanders with six essential functions: Offensive Air Support, Anti-Aircraft Warfare, Assault Support, Control of Missiles and Aircraft, Aerial Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare.
To be blunt the Assistant Commandant for Aviation needs to be fired.  The tail is wagging the dog and Marine Air is being led off the reservation.

Marine Air exists to support the Ground Combat Element.  FULL STOP!  It is not to provide cover for allied navies, its not to be concerned (primarily) with engaging in the "deep strike battle" that gives USAF planners woodies...its suppose to support the guys on the ground.

Its obvious from Sweetman's article that they're not only off the reservation, but have their skirt up begging for rides on the interstate.

Enough.  Time for that cowboy to pack his bags.  He's had his time in the sun.

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