Tuesday, October 06, 2015

USS Wasp. Missing in Action for over 10 years...

via Marine Corps Times (2012)
Instead of loading up hundreds of Marines and their gear from a Marine expeditionary unit for extended operations with an amphibious ready group — like all other amphibious assault ships — the Norfolk, Va.-based Wasp has been held out of the deployment rotation and generally kept close to home.
Then this...
Spokesmen in several Navy and Marine Corps commands repeatedly declined to answer that question, pointing to the JSF test mission. The decision to use the ship in that role, Kafka said, was made in 2009.
"That's a CYA [cover-your-ass] reason. That is not the reason it's not deploying," said one retired Marine general. "It doesn't seem to make sense to keep one of these ships out of the deployment rotation for so many years."
Several sources privately echoed those thoughts, suggesting that something more fundamental is wrong or deficient with the ship. Some rumors suggest a deficiency in the ship's combat system.
The Navy adamantly denies any major defect or operational limitation on Wasp.

"We are not familiar with any deficiencies in the combat system," said Chris Johnson, a spokesman for Naval Sea Systems Command.
This story is from 2012.

The Wasp still hasn't been on a major deployment.  This is a scandal that is of epic proportions but doesn't get any attention.  Think about it like this.  A big deck amphib usually has a service life of about 20-30 years.  If the same holds true for the Wasp then its spent either half or one third of its service life NOT doing the job it was intended to do.

This is unsat.  Someone needs to fry.

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