Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Even more pics from Trident Juncture 2015...

When did the Canadians move to band tracks?  That's a rather beefy looking M-113!

Look at all the gear racks on the Canadian LAVIII!  Going into my World of Tanks thinking...I wonder if that counts as spaced armor?

Never had the nerve to ask them in person...didn't want to appear disrespectful but what is the deal with the "decoration" attached to the helmets?  Always found that curious.

Even SOCOM is unable to solve the terrible Fast Roping issue with the V-22....they've got to get that solved before someone gets killed or injured.

This is new...or at least new to me.  What is that contraption they're using?  Is it some type of brake to control the load of a fast roper with a heavy load?  Even so, I can't imagine a pooch is over 50 pounds (military working dogs are light)...so what's the deal?

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