Monday, November 02, 2015

Kurdish armored vehicle column suffers vehicle borne IED attack...

The newest U.S.-backed offensive against the Islamic State in northern Syria suffered a devastating setback when the extremist group detonated an explosive-laden vehicle near a Kurdish-led column of armored vehicles, an Arab militia commander said Monday.
The Islamic State said the suicide bomber, with five tons of explosives, attacked a convoy of 70 vehicles Sunday, including tanks and armored personnel carriers, killed dozens of Arabs and members of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units, or YPG.
Bandar al Humaydi, commander of the al Sanadid Arab militia, confirmed the incident in a phone conversation Monday. He said that his militia rescued some 70 YPG fighters, many of them seriously wounded, after the attack.

I'll make the call.  ISIS has a mole inside the coalition that is feeding them information on ongoing operations.

Whether its Turkey acting in what it sees as its own interests, the Assad govt activating a long time mole or just signals intel that the Russians are feeding info to certain parties to muddy the waters....its obvious that we're seeing something beyond even hybrid warfare.

ISIS is fighting Assad and the Kurds/Arabs.

The Kurds are fighting Turkey, Assad and allied with some Arabs.

The Arabs are fighting everyone...and Russia is fighting anyone that seeks to topple Assad.

This is a nasty, confusing war.  I don't even know if this is war anymore.  Its starting to look like simple anarchy.

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