Monday, December 14, 2015

85 Islamic courts dispensing 'justice' across the UK.

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via Daily Mail.
Written by Machteld Zee, a Dutch academic, the controversial, 200-page Choosing Sharia carries a detailed description of events that Zee claims took place over three days in 2013, when she was allowed to observe goings-on in two of Britain’s busiest Sharia courts, or councils.
Around 85 such tribunals, usually attached to mosques, are believed to operate in the UK, according to research by the think-tank Civitas.
They are designed to help religious Muslims settle financial, family and marital disputes according to the principles of their faith, as laid down in the 7th century.
To supporters, including many on the Left, such courts provide a unique and valuable service to the Muslim community by helping its members stay true to Sharia law, a legal system derived from the Koran and the rulings of Islamic scholars, known as fatwas.
In keeping with the principles of multiculturalism, critics of Sharia courts therefore almost invariably find themselves accused of Islamophobia.
Looks like all the tinfoil hat people were right.  Assimilation always happens.  Whether its new arrivals adopting the customs and culture of the country they move to...or the new arrivals forcing their customs and culture upon those that were there first.

If you're not alarmed by this story ..... You should be.

Side note:  To all my Brit readers.  Don't make excuses.  Don't try and rationalize this away.  This is filthy and disgusting.  Sorry for being a traditionalist but even if you have some bat shit crazy females that are trying to get women into the infantry, I still don't think you have a right to hit a woman.  Walk away, hell run, but don't put your hands on a girl! This is incompatible with decency!  Striking a woman and its ok?  Polygamy?  And only God himself knows what else!  This is not normal folks, and I would hope that it wouldn't be allowed in the British legal system....oh wait...these courts are part of your system aren't they (whether you admit it or not, they're presiding over residents of your nation which means they're sanctioned).

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