Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Chinese Military Using Blinding Laser Weapons

via Free Beacon.
China’s military has equipped its forces with blinding laser weapons in apparent violation of an international agreement signed by Beijing.
“China has been updating its home-made blinding laser weapons in recent years to meet the needs of different combat operations,” the official military newspaper PLA Daily reported Dec. 9.
“Blinding laser weapons are primarily used to blind … targets with laser[s] in [the] short distance, or interfere [with] and damage … laser and night vision equipment,” the brief photo report stated.
Interesting.  If I remember correctly, China already has setups to blind anti-tank missile crews with "dazzler" type weapons.

This is instructive though.

We aim for the Star Wars type death ray and the Chinese are pursing the attainable now...dazzler lasers to blind aircrew/optics.

I don't recall the exact quote but it goes on about getting a foe worthy of fighting and how it should be considered an  honor.  If we follow that quote or proverb, then I think we should be honored.  The question is do the Chinese feel the honor of fighting a worthy foe? 

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