Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Fitness Talk. Build your own fat burner stacks.

The New Year is just a few days away so that means you're about to get bombarded with fitness club membership offers, supplement deals, etc...
I told you what to stay away from...DNP is a definite no-no, and if you decide to use steroids then you better have your Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) regimen down to a science.

So lets assume that you're natty and want to build yourself a good fat burner without having to send a PayPal payment to China, Moldova, the UK or Thailand.
What do you do.  Well in my opinion, especially when it comes to fat burners is to build your own.  In my opinion if you're going to use a supplement to help burn fat then you better know what works for you.  The old standby of ECA (Ephedrine, Caffeine and Aspirin...read about it here) is the bomb BUT many find Ephedrine difficult to take.  Headaches, nausea, constipation....yeah....so build your own stack so you know how much Mu Huang is good for you.

What else do I recommend?  Get your diet right.  Nail down those macros so you know how much to eat to maintain your weight, know how much to consume to do a CLEAN bulk (if you're trying to add pure muscle) and generally get your nutritional house in order if you're trying to cut.

Then educate yourself on what works for you instead of getting someone's premixed voodoo that has so much proprietary nonsense that you don't even know how much caffeine you're getting per pill.  I like the following....

Yohimbe is the king to rule all burners in my opinion.  It will have you energized, if you properly dose you won't get jittery and its affordable.  Oh and for you sex hounds it has the added benefit of being a vasodilator.  It rushes blood to ALL your extremities and they use it as an aphrodisiac in Asia.  Good stuff all around.

For some reason people always forget protein.  Want an appetite suppressant that will save your muscle?  Drink some when you wake to break the fast of your sleep.  Not only will this keep you from making a pig out of yourself at breakfast but it will also keep you dialed in to your diet.  But we're talking about preserving muscle as the main benefit.  Low calorie diets ravage muscle for fuel.  This stuff is the bees knees to keep those gains.

Lets face it.  Some of you guys are gonna say "fuck you Solomon" I'm going hardcore ya bitch!  To that I say fine.  Good luck.  But protect your body since you want to put it thru hell on earth.  I wasn't sold on fish oil till I took it.    Its the essential fatty acids that give you energy, help with your liver function  and even ease the pain on those joints for those that have been around the block more than once.

Oh and for the dudes that are still active service.   Not sure whether you'll pop if you use any of this stuff.  I know they didn't give a damn about roid use....if they did they'd have to shutter half the Infantry Battalions, all of MARSOC and about a third of Military Police, Artillery and AAV.

So use my tutorial at your own risk.

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