Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Insider talks about 8 vs 8, Typhoons with mixed air-air/air-ground loadouts with F-35s defending...

The "Insider" (well informed) speaks....
I've seen the outcome of some briefings along those lines. (Eurofighter was pitching to the Greeks when the Greeks had money, and the Turks are on F-35 and we know what Greeks think about Turks,)

8-v-8, Typhoons with mixed A2G/A2A loads, F-35s defending. The Typhoons in lead and trail elements. On contact (using IRST and ESM) the forward element dumped bombs and went screaming for height, outside the AIM-120 kinematic envelope, and then dropped on the F-35s from all directions. The rear element cruised in and schwacked the objective.
Uh wow.

Surely our people know/have the same information.  People are already running combat simulations against the ultimate F-35 configuration and are crushing it. More startling is the fact that these are our friends doing it.  What are potential enemies doing?  This had to play a role in the J-20 and PAK-FA designs.  Rebuttals anyone?

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