Monday, December 07, 2015

ISIS is ready to unleash chemical weapons on Europe...this is the World War 3 scenario...

Thanks to Maurice for the link!

via Daily Mail
ISIS has recruited experts with chemistry, physics and computer science degrees to wage war with weapons of mass destruction against the West, a shocking European Parliament report has claimed.
The terror organisation, according to the briefing document, 'may be planning to try to use internationally banned weapons of mass destruction in future attacks'.
The document, which was compiled in the aftermath of the deadly attacks on Paris claimed that ISIS has already smuggled WMD material into Europe.
I saw this story a couple of days ago but it slipped my mind.

But make no mistake about it.  If ISIS somehow unleashes chemical weapons (or worse biological weapons...they tend to be more persistent) on Europe then we're looking at a World War 3 scenario.

Europe will turn rabid.

Muslims and those that look Muslim will come under attack in the streets.  I could even imagine the horror of them being shot on sight and then the real drama begins.  They're pushed into slums and once there the military is sent in.

That doesn't even begin to compare to what will be happening in the Middle East.  Senator Cruz talked about glowing sand?  How about turning sand into glass?  And it won't be the US leading the charge but France, the UK and Germany.

The veneer of civilization is thin.  ISIS foolishly is trying to rip it away.

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