Friday, December 18, 2015

New German Police Special Ops Unit...BFE+

via Military Tech Magazine
The BFE+ will begin its work immediately Five locations, 250 security operatives
A new special unit is supposed to change that. It has been named the Beweissicherungs- und Festnahmeeinheit plus (evidence collection and arrest unit plus), also known as BFE+. Fifty agents will begin working at the federal police's Blumenberg location near Berlin immediately. Four more units, comprised of 50 agents each, will soon be deployed in other locations around the country.
To date, Germany's elite GSG9 special forces unit responded to scenarios like this, where risks to the lives of individual agents were accepted as part of the job. The GSG9 is designed to end such situations and restore order. The unit keeps its skills up-to-date with permanent training, and similar units, like the SEK (a SWAT unit) and MEK (a mobile tactical force), are also maintained throughout Germany.
But these units are all direct attack forces, and are not necessarily trained to conduct large-scale, sustained manhunts. The BFE+ is meant to fill that gap. They are to offer support to GSG9, as well as federal and state police, during large anti-terror operations.
Yet there is an enormous discrepancy between these elite units and everyday police officers patrolling their beat, Jörg Radek, deputy chairman of the police union GdP said. He warns that the protective vests issued to police cannot withstand the impact of rounds fired from assault rifles.

SO what they're actually doing is saying that what we've done in the two incidents that I remember best...the Boston Bombing and the San Bernardino terrorist attacks....isn't satisfactory.

What do I mean?  Bear with me cause I'm eating some crow on this...but if I'm reading this correctly,  then what they're saying is that where we used normal patrol officers to provide perimeter support or even participate in hunting down the terrorists, they instead will use a special police unit.

If I'm reading this right then the Germans have an enormous hole in their response to a Paris, Mumbai or San Bernardino type incident.

It seems like they're saying that unlike our Law Enforcement that is now training to run toward mass shooters and terrorists to stop the incident as soon as possible, they're instead going to do what we've abandoned.

They're going to set up a perimeter with the BFE+ and then assaulting the terrorists with GSG9.

Man I hope I'm reading this wrong.  If I'm right then the Germans will be looking at future blood baths.  The tragedy in the music hall that we saw in Paris will look like a spring shower with rainbows compared to what the German people could eventually confront.

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