Sunday, January 03, 2016

American Rage. The Esquire/NBC poll.

This is the "most talked about" thing today.  The Esquire/NBC poll and the anger in the body politic.

Its a must read.

Warning though.  These pollsters believe that they're getting the real pulse of the public.  I think that once again they're understating things.

The most surprising part?

White women are the most angry of the groups.  NOT white men.  That is very interesting and puts the Democrats "war on women" meme as being a failure.  Additionally it gives them a huge question.  If we can assume that they've lost white men.  If they've lost white women.  If they can't mobilize blacks and hispanics to vote for them then how do they win?

 Their path to the White House isn't as smooth as many thought.

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