Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Damn! Why did the Army getting Fanning instead of the Dept of the Navy?

I am turning into a big fan of the Fanning guy.  He is a Sec of the Army that is worthy of the position.  In other words he's a Soldier's Sec!  Check this out from Politico...
Fanning told the Senate Armed Services Committee that he worries about the impact of the administration’s proposal to shrink the active-duty Army by 40,000 soldiers, to 450,000. Those planned cuts are “preventing us from doing everything we want to do to the Army to … make it readier,” he said. “Two years ago when we targeted 450 [thousand], we didn’t have ISIL, we didn’t have Russia.”
Fanning gets it.  People over weapon systems.  Just like fighter pilots are the key to effectively operating them, the same applies to the ground combat component.  This story is definitely worth a read and you'll read a bit about the PATHETIC Mabus, but he's a sideshow.  He'll be told to get in his corner and will. But this Fanning guy?  Good vibes.  

Even more surprisingly?  The dude is making it about doing the job and not his sexuality.  Yeah.  He's doing it right.  His being gay isn't an issue because he hasn't made it an issue.  What he IS doing is doing the work and looking out for the troops.  Well done dude.  Extremely well done.  

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