Friday, January 08, 2016

God help me...I'm warming to Trump.

God help me...I'm warming to Trump.

First the above video makes me cheer.  He went right after the Clintons in a way I have  never seen before.  The Republicans play the game poorly.  Trump dumps the board and goes for the jugular.

Second.  Where once I thought the talk about spending a first term to simply undo everything Obama has done to be simply talk, this guy seems to mean it.  That almost gives me a woody.

Last.  I heard his son interviewed.  The discussion turned to gun control and the guy hit it out the park.

Oh and whats the appeal of Trump?  I'm still not sure.  One thing is different though.  He's a rich guy thats talking about average guy issues.

Yep.  Not sold yet but definitely warming.

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