Sunday, January 17, 2016

Politics. Trump and Sanders are flip sides of the same coin.

via Yahoo.
A New York Times/CBS News poll this week showed Sanders, who trailed Hillary Clinton among Democrats by 20 points a month ago, closing that gap to 7. But national polls are essentially meaningless; what’s more impressive are polls that have Sanders overtaking Clinton in Iowa and opening up a double-digit lead in New Hampshire.
It’s hard to know exactly what we’re looking at here. Is Sanders making a last, spirited stand before reality crashes down on him? Or is this the year when the molecular structure of our politics — on both sides — is about to be smashed apart and scrambled?
Then this...
Clinton is as flawed a candidate as Gore was, and not terribly trusted by the electorate; I’ve never assumed she was a lock for the nomination in the way a lot of my colleagues did. But in Sanders (in contrast to a younger governor like Martin O’Malley, whose campaign has foundered), she drew a chief competitor who’s 74, socialist and scolding. You could argue that no establishment candidate in the last 40 years has gotten luckier than that.
And yet we can all get too hung up on history, and there are reasons to think that the Democratic primaries in 2016 might not be a replay of years past.
Read the entire article.  The guy is typically diplomatic and doesn't state the obvious.  Everyone is looking at Trump with fear and trepidation (which I find comical...establishment Republicans and Democrats fear the guy....he MUST be doing something right!) while ignoring the bigger message being sent by the public this election cycle.

We tried "compassionate" conservatism,  flat out 100% hardcore liberalism, tinkered with the very social fabric of our nation, increased racial tensions, saw jobs leave these shores, wages stagnate then fall and no one is happy with it.

Trump and Sanders are flip sides of the same coin.  That should worry the establishment on both ends of the spectrum....I say again, the people are pissed!

If I didn't know better I'd say that the US is facing a "soft revolution".

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