Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Small Unit zealots in the USMC forgot this incident....I won't....

Do you remember this heartbreaking blast from the past?

6 Marine Snipers while going into their 'hide' site were observed, ambushed and killed by Iraqi insurgents.  They didn't do it wrong, it's just one of the gut punches that comes with the reality of modern warfare.

Small Unit zealots in the USMC either forgot about this incident or don't want to remember it, but scale this up to a company sized outfit facing off with a modern hybrid terrorist organization that's probably motorized/possibly mechanized and the results will be the same.

We have a cabal inside the Corps that is so infatuated with being a mini-101st or trying to be a pseudo SOCOM that they don't realize that they're throwing it away and good people will die because of their vanity.

If you've watched the video, take the time and watch it again.  Focus on the faces of those young men that got fed into a meat grinder.  Then think about the Company Landing Team concept and tell me again how it's the future of the USMC.

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