Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Republican Race is getting fun!

By now you've heard that Trump is pulling out of the debates because FoxNews smack talked on Twitter.

Since I'm no fan of Kelly and share Trump's view of her, I thought no big deal.  But just now Cruz announced that he too would skip the debate to meet Trump and do a one on one with him.

A sidenote.  There have been rumors circulating since this weekend that establishment Republicans were going to do a takedown of Trump so I view this counter move as brilliant.

I don't like Hillary.  Sanders is a non-starter.  Bush is a Bush.  Christie needs to workout.  Cruz....the dude just rubs me the wrong way.  Carson seems over his head.  Kasich bores the hell outta me....and Rubio seems like a sneaky kid that is perfectly setup for a man behind a curtain to manipulate.

At least this is getting fun before I have to settle on one of these guys.

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