Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Tinfoil hat theory with regard to the Militia in Oregon. They're mapping social media.

This might seem tinfoil hattish, but one of my readers stated what I've been thinking.  Something is off with this incident in Oregon.  Something way off.  First its too close to the President's announcement on the 2nd amendment executive orders he's putting into place and second this caused an uproar out of nowhere with regard to advocate response.

I won't go so far as to label people "agent provocateurs" but I will say that this "crisis" won't go to waste.

My bet is that some clever fellows in Homeland Security are using this as an opportunity to "map" social media.  By that I mean they're able to see how news spreads especially among militias, gun rights advocates, sovereign citizens/fringe groups and whoever else is on their list (yeah...that means you Vets/Retirees).  They're able to map out "information circles" and even go a step further (depending on how intrusive they're gonna be) to see who actually gets together to talk, train, workout together.

In short I'm betting that they're using American Mercenary's vaunted Human Terrain Dominance Theory against portions of the public here in the US that they deem potentially dangerous.

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