Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Donald Trump: I want American kids to be dreamers...African American unemployment is way too high....

Start the vid at the 33:40 point.  One of the reporters asks about the "dreamers" and I assume (the audio is too low for me to pick up) that he's asked what he'll do with them.

The answer was beyond awesome.

He talks about wanting American kids to dream.  He then adds that African American unemployment is too high and that if anyone else was President there would be trouble.

He's spot on!

Whether you love him or not, Trump is pushing the right buttons.  Even better he's touching on some uncomfortable truths that most other candidates (with the exception of Sanders) are avoiding like the plague.  The other guys just can't help themselves.  They're conditioned to run as establishment candidates even when its obvious that the establishment no longer understands the base of either party.

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