Tuesday, March 15, 2016

CENTAURO 2 comes out of the shadows...

Major Hat Tip to CircleTrubia Blog for the pic!

New streamlined hull, obvious mine protection, but the real news is the HitFist 120mm turret and gun.  Very compact.  I think I see hatches so its manned and if the gun works right then my dream of Mobile Gun System for the USMC and moving Tanks to the vehicle could be viable.  The hesitation I've had with the using the Army's setup is the 105.  Its just not competitive.  Two birds, one stone.  Tanks becomes Amphibious Tankers again, we get to rationalize our mechanized forces and we can send the M1A1 to the boneyard because we'll have a decent direct fire replacement.

Could we go toe to toe with a threat Tank Battalion?  If you're talking about a pure fight then no.  Combined Arms?  Hell yeah.  But that's not the fight we're likely to see.  Columns of enemy tanks rolling in is any Air Arms wet dream.  DIRECT FIRE!  That's what we need the big guns for.

But the Marine Corps is too busy buying aircraft to even think about the ground combat element.

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