Thursday, March 03, 2016

Congrats Republican Establishment. You won and I'm out.

I've been watching this debate and came to the terrible conclusion that each and every one of those so called Republicans is simply full of shit.

It doesn't matter who we elect, our economic fate is sealed.  Trump is softening on visa issues, Cruz has talked about the need for more high skilled immigrants.....

Long story short.

The establishment won.  They're gonna get what they want no matter who wins (except for maybe Sanders).  I'm done.  I'm out.  God save us all.

NOTE:  A Trump surrogate made a HUGE point about something I missed.  FOXNEWS brought up video clips of Trump and challenged him on past statements.  THEY DID THAT WITH NO OTHER CANDIDATE!!!  The fix was in.  Trump is a rookie so I'm hoping the H1B visa thing was simply a mistake.  We'll see.

NOTE:  Its beyond obvious that we live in an oligarchy.  The so called democratic process is a fraud.  Between the Dems using super delegates to ensure that a candidate of the elites choice is picked, along with the idiocy of the Republican elite deciding to play games if Trump is elected exposed the filthy truth.  No matter what we think, how much we work, a few smoky rooms decide the direction of this country.

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