Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Trump campaign manager charged...the dirty tricks are in overdrive.

I'm not particularly fond of Trump but he does have one redeeming quality.  He absolutely scares the dogshit out of the establishment on both sides.

Think back to the Trump rallies.  I've sat back and watched some pretty questionable stuff.  The assaults on protesters by some of the attendees made wonder what the hell.  But then suddenly, when those stories gained no  traction in the media, behold, we have a female reporter accusing them of roughing her up. Now we have this...
Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump campaign manager, was charged this morning with misdemeanor battery after allegations of forcefully grabbing a reporter at a Jupiter news conference, town police confirmed this morning.

Following a March 8 conference at Trump National Golf Club, Michelle Fields, a 28-year-old reporter formerly with the online Breitbart News Network, said she was grabbed on the arm by Lewandowski, 41, after she asked Trump a question about affirmative action.
I could easily be wrong but this looks like dirty tricks in over drive.  The mob activity around these presidential candidates is over the top.  Reporters are beyond rude and are like sharks.

Is the desire to beat Trump and maintain the status quo so important to these people that they can't see the ramifications/dangers of what they're doing?

Seems so.

Consider.  If campaign staff and candidates are held to an unusual standard when trying to navigate thru them then that means bigger Secret Service details and less access (remember we've seen a USSS agent body slam a reporter already this election cycle).  It also means that at least a few people will see this as a dirty trick.  Last.  The Republicans will make people like me say fuck it all and stay home.  Cruz still doesn't inspire.  I voted for the guy but he just doesn't seem "right".  Kasich is a slime ball douche bag hack.  A creature of the elite and a RINO if I ever saw one.  Hillary is a total no go.  Sanders?  I'd rather shoot off my testicles than vote for the guy.

We started off with more than 20 presidential candidates and none of them inspire.

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