Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Trump represents peaceful pitchforks....the rest the establishment...that's why he's winning.

I'm watching the election returns tonight and I've had the pleasure of chatting with a buddy about who I should support in the upcoming election.  He's a Cruz supporter and his logic is infallible.  He lays out the case very well on why Cruz should be the natural landing spot for my vote...but....

I'm pissed.

I'm more than pissed I'm enraged.

I look at what's happening and I'm less than happy.  I note what me and fellow travelers have done.  We've given the Republicans first the House then the Senate.  We've been promised that big government would be rolled back.  We've been told that the Republican establishment would fight hard and wouldn't quit to ensure that the balance of power guaranteed in our Constitution was enforced by the power of the purse if not by actual legislation.

They failed and when we take a clear eyed look at their efforts they didn't even try.

For better or worse, Trump represents a primal scream...a modern day yell that we're mad as hell and we're not gonna take it anymore.

Trump is the living embodiment of middle and lower class rage.  That's why he won't be stopped.  That's why his campaign is transforming into a movement.

The worse news for those anti-Trump'ers in both parties (looking at you Cmdr Salamander!)?  The people are sheep.  They glob onto the popular and hot thing.  Trump is the new hotness.  This movement will grow.

All this leads me to my crystal ball and a warning.  Trump is far from perfect, but he's the only one tapping into the rage.  But if he wins office (or worse either Hillary becomes President or the Republican establishment plays games to take the nomination from him) then failure by either of them to deliver will result in societal chaos.  On this point me and my buddy agree.  We're entering a very precarious point in our history.

A quick side note...from a perspective of US military and foreign affairs the world should prep now.  Whoever wins the Presidency is going to have to turn inward.  That means a quickening for global instability.  My prediction for a major regional war is accelerating.  Major conventional combat before 2020.

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