Monday, April 04, 2016

What should the Ground Combat Element of my proposed Enhanced MEU look like?

If you're a reader of my blog then you know that I'm pushing the idea of an Enhanced MEU.  The thought of Company Landing Teams going into harms way simply flies in the face of common sense to me.  We're seeing hybrid terrorist formations that are motorized, in some cases mechanized, have heavy artillery and they've demonstrated an ability to defeat nation state armies in the field.

I don't hold out much hope for the Company Landing Team to survive in that environment...especially when they're dependent on aviation that's minutes away (at best) when seconds count.

So I propose to go in the opposite direction.  My Enhanced MEU would add an additional hull to the Amphibious Ready Group.  What that ship would be is dependent on the Navy.  I'd prefer an LSD, but we might have to bite the bullet and add an MLP instead.  The bigger issue isn't the extra ship but what the Ground Combat Element should get.  Do we need more infantry?  More artillery?  Reform and add an air defense element based first on the AAV, MTVR or in the future ACV...or just add boatspaces for those Marines?

How about if you're part of the small wars mafia.  Do we give MARSOC a ship and attach them to the MEU along with an additional Rifle Company to act as their "in house" support along with a unique detachment of MV-22's (many aviators have been clamoring to have a dedicated SOCOM element...this should satisfy them)?

Its finally obvious why the USMC has tilted so hard to aviation.  They're implementing Carter's Third Offset scheme.  Its bullshit in a basket, and will be dumped as soon as the next guys hit deck in DC.  So we need to get a head start in getting our house in order.  The Enhanced MEU fits the bill of what we need to fight on the future battlefield.  So what does the Ground Combat Element look like?

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