Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Unintended consequence of globalization....censorship...

Talk about wow...and I'm not talking about Prudence Moe, the fitness hottie you see above (although she does rate a wow).  The wow comes from the note that I got from Google and the unintended consequence of globalization.

The issue is this.  Google clones the blog and posts it on servers in countries worldwide.  Many of those countries have "interesting" decency laws.  What was that?  Get to it and stop bumping my gums?  Ok, this is the deal.  India flagged the above pic as being obscene and filed a complaint with Google.

I personally consider that pic tame and see women in various stages of undress walking down the street everyday that make her look like she's on the way to church.

Still this is a small reminder.  Globalization is about control.  Freedom from control for corporations, control of individuals on a local level...no matter where they live.

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