Saturday, January 29, 2022

Shuttlecraft Challenger Myths...

 via NBCNews

Myth #3: The crew died instantly

The flight, and the astronauts’ lives, did not end at that point, 73 seconds after launch. After Challenger was torn apart, the pieces continued upward from their own momentum, reaching a peak altitude of 65,000 feet before arching back down into the water. The cabin hit the surface 2 minutes and 45 seconds after breakup, and all investigations indicate the crew was still alive until then.

What's less clear is whether they were conscious. If the cabin depressurized (as seems likely), the crew would have had difficulty breathing. In the words of the final report by fellow astronauts, the crew “possibly but not certainly lost consciousness,” even though a few of the emergency air bottles (designed for escape from a smoking vehicle on the ground) had been activated.

Another look back at the Challenger mishap (refuse to call it an accident...more like engineering malpractice) and this part always gets me.

Those astronauts could have been alive for those almost 3 minutes that they fell back to earth.

How absolutely horrifying that must have been. 

Story here. 

3/3 Marines Conduct MTX 2-22: Mobility ... by Cpl. Patrick King


What some call the height of American power wasn't good for all...


Note. This is hard times. Imagine selling your children! Make no mistake about it either. Child molesters have existed since the dawn of man. Hopefully those children were taken in by good people but I am not confident. I would love to find out what happened to them.
Mrs. Lucille Chalifoux turns her head from camera above while her children stare wonderingly. On the top step are Lana, 6, and Rae, 5. Below are Milton, 4, and Sue Ellen, 2. (1948)

The Members of The Communist Youth of Yugoslavia (SKOJ), Captured in Occupied Zagreb. Defiantly Smile in front of their Grave moments before their Execution at the Hands of the Fascists. Zagreb, Yugoslavia

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Note.  Two things.  First this is bravery beyond my comprehension. Everyone talks about smiling and death when it faces you but these girls did it.  Second.  Fascists, Communist, Socialist..whatever its still politics.  To think what humans have done to other humans over something as simple as belief system is a mind fuck.

Joint free-fall Sgt. Kallahan Morris


U.S. Marines with 3d Reconnaissance Battalion, 3d Marine Division, conduct free-fall operations at Ie Shima, Okinawa, Jan. 26, 2022. The Marines Corps, Army, and Air Force conducted joint reconnaissance operations to prepare the battlespace for follow-on actions. The training, conducted concurrently with Keen Edge 22, demonstrates the joint force’s ability to integrate command and control, expand battlefield awareness, and conduct long-range precision strikes as an enduring, stand-in-force. (U.S. Marine Corps video by Sgt. Kallahan Morris)

Canadian Army's BULL Coy run their LAV 6.0 armoured vehicles through static and ‘stab’ firing in the training area at Camp Adazi, Latvia.

Friday, January 28, 2022

K-2NO in the snow (need a Norwegian speaker!)

Thanks to Leetwin for the vid!


I would love to know what that officer is saying. I'm sure its diplomatic and doesn't take sides in the contest but I'm extremely curious. Additionally I can't quite put my finger on it but the K-2 looks a bit more agile than the Leopard. That I find interesting. One of the Leopards big selling points was its mobility but next to the K-2 it seems downright plodding.

US troops could deploy to Ukraine to assist in an evacuation of US citizens if Russia invades? Now we know why the 101st got put on alert...


News that US troops could deploy to Ukraine to assist in an evacuation of US citizens if Russia invades was floated by the CJCS.

At least we know why the 101st got put on alert.

Can you imagine what a shit show that would be?  Can you imagine how EVERY Russian anti-air system operator will be itching like he has a rash to shoot down one of those helos?

Can you imagine how absolutely fucked up it would be to try to corral civilians onboard military aircraft while you're being mortared to hell....much less if they decide to turn loose a couple of batteries of MLRS?

Sometimes I think Pentagon planners read too much Tom Clancy!

Regardless its not gonna happen.  The 101st is HEAVY!  Moving them to theater is gonna take more than a few fast transport ships.  If invasion was imminent then they'd need to be floating now to do the do.

Once there they can make things happen because of their tactical mobility and hopefully if called to actually pull off that mission from hell they'd work it out diplomatically so they wouldn't end up filling body bags.

But to think that they're actually considering it...that the CJCS actually mentioned it is a MIND FUCK!

God save us.

God save our Soldiers.

What if? What if Russia decided they were gonna to annex ALL of Ukraine?

 Helluva what if huh?

What do you think would be the fallout?  I think (just my opinion can't wait to hear yours) that at first the whole world would sit back and say WTF!

Then you'd see some tepid attempts at sanctions.  You'd see Finland join NATO poste haste.  I think you'd see all kinds of military activity in Africa and the Middle East.

Immigration would explode.

The stock market would crumble.

The world might be on the verge of a great depression but the MIC would be smiling all the way to the bank (worldwide...American, European, Asian...all military corporations would profit like crazy).

Oil prices would go sky high.

Cold War 2.0 on steroids as everyone takes a hardline against Russia except China and the rest of the usual suspects.

I think you would see a solid line between east and west, north and south globally.

Globalization would finally die a well deserved death but confidence in US leadership would fall to an all time low, the US military (wrongfully) will take a public relations hit and it would be the end of the Biden Admin in all but holding office.  Any chance at a new agenda would be over.

Right wing movements all over the world would be on the rise as people rush to seek security in a world gone crazy.

It would be a mess like we haven't seen in my lifetime I think.


I have never understood why Ukraine would turn into a high stakes game but we played in that pit and now we might get bit.

If Putin does invade.

If even half of my scenario plays out could anyone say that Ukraine is worth it?

I don't think so.

But I'm in the camp of solving America's problems first before we start trying to save the world.

Marine Corps Nears 400 Separations Over COVID-19 Vaccine Refusal

via USNI News

 Nearly 400 Marines have been separated due to continued refusal to get vaccinated against COVID-19, the service announced Thursday.

The Marine Corps separated 65 Marines in the past week, bringing the total number of separations to 399. The service’s weekly update does not clarify if the Marines are active-duty or in the reserves.

As of Jan. 26, 95 percent of the active-duty force is fully vaccinated, which did not change from the previous week, according to Thursday’s update. However, the percentage of Marines who are at least partially vaccinated — which includes those who are both partially and fully vaccinated — increased from 96 percent to 97 percent.

There were no changes for the reserve Marines, which remains 87 percent fully vaccinated and 88 percent at least partially vaccinated. The percentage of partially vaccinated reservists also includes those who are fully vaccinated.

The Marine Corps has approved 627 medical or administrative exemptions, as well as three religious exemptions. The Marine Corps is the only branch to approve religious exemptions so far.

The service received 3,428 requests for religious exemptions, with 3,377 adjudicated. All but the three were denied.

The Marine Corps is also the branch that has separated the most of its personnel. The Army has not involuntarily separated any soldiers, according to its COVID-19 update released Thursday.



This covid thing is a opportunity for HQMC.  They were able to make a stealth cut without making a stealth cut in force.

Don't be fooled either.  The nearly 400 number has to be added to the 630 medical and religious exemptions.

That means you just saw a cut of over 1000 Marines.  The medical and religious exemptions will be denied further service at the very least, are definitely highlighted, can kiss promotions or schools goodbye and God forbid they need to deploy they're absolutely useless to the service.

This covid thing is a blessing and a curse for Force Design 2030.