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China says the US is a troublemaker in the S. China Sea. Is our Navy ready to play bumper cars with 10K Ton Chinese Coast Guard Cutters?

Note:  Many naval blogs have looked at the 10K Ton Chinese Coast Guard Cutter (above) and speculated that its designed to bully Navy ships up to and including Burke Class Destroyers.  Consider the possibility that these ships probably have reinforced hulls that would make icebreakers blush AND how skittish Navy Skippers have to be about collisions at sea.  Now check out this article from Reuters....
Huangyan island, which is better known as the Scarborough Shoal and is subject to a rival claim by the Philippines, a historic ally of the United States.

It was the latest U.S. naval operation challenging extensive Chinese claims in the South China Sea and came even as President Donald Trump’s administration seeks Chinese cooperation in dealing with North Korea’s missile and nuclear programs.

The ruling Communist Party’s official People’s Daily said in a commentary that, with the situation generally improving in the South China Sea, it was clear that the United States was the one militarizing the region.

Against this backdrop of peace and cooperation, a U.S. ship wantonly provoking trouble is singleminded to the point of recklessness,” the paper said.

“If the relevant party once more makes trouble out of nothing and causes tensions, then it will only cause China to reach this conclusion: in order to earnestly protect peace in the South China Sea, China must strengthen and speed up the building of its abilities there,” it said.

The commentary was published under the pen name “Zhong Sheng”, meaning “Voice of China”, which is often used to give the paper’s view on foreign policy issues.
Story here. 

I have plenty of China apologists that will come on this blog and make every excuse for them.  You debate them.  I'm done with that.

What I want to know is if the US Navy has the stomach for this fight.  Do our skippers have clear instructions for dealing with Chinese ships that try and bully them on the high seas?

Is the Navy so gun shy now that we'll see our most powerful surface ships turn tail when a Chinese fishing boat being operated by the Chinese Navy decide to turn water hoses on them?  Will they be punished if a Chinese boat attempts to ram, play bumper car etc...?

I hope we have the stomach for this.

The jostling before the fight is coming I believe...and the US Navy will be on the front lines of that comotion.

David A. Christian...How come the US Army doesn't brag about this 100% pure dee stud?

via Badassery Instagram Page.

badasseryFor the ones that are on the edge of screaming out uniform regs and/or stolen valor like dipshits, take a breath and gander on what a true Hardfuck looks like
The man here is David A. Christian, who enlisted in the US Army in 1966 at the age of 17. After being rapidly promoted through the enlisted ranks to Sergeant, he was admitted to Officer Candidate School (OCS) and commissioned at 18 years old (making him one of the youngest officers) and making Christian the youngest commissioned officer of the 20 and 21st centuries. He then completed Airborne School and U.S. Army Special Forces training
He was sent to Vietnam in 1968 serving with the 1st Infantry Division - 75th Rangers (LRRP), earning a Distinguished Service Cross when he single handedly repelled a major NVA assault against his 9 men team behind enemy lines, taking out bunkers, calling danger close fire missions, rescuing wounded soldiers and killing scores of communists with grenades, rifle and anti tank fire; all while being severely wounded himself. Adding all of it on top of his 2 Silver Stars, 7 Purple Hearts, 2 Bronze Stars and much more. To top it off, he was promoted to Captain at age 20. He was medically retired from the Army at age 21. Go ahead and let it sink in
In short, Hardfuck approved

Jesus.  Dude was hard as woodpecker lips coming out his momma's womb.  You think you're hard?  Some of these old skool guys make Captain America look like pure pussy!

Kurds are giving their account of destroyed Turk Tanks & killed Turk/Merc Soldiers...

via Almardsnews.
In a single day, Kurdish fighters destroyed five Turkish tanks in the Afrin area, ANF reported.

Two tanks were hit in the village of Diqmetash and two in the vicinity of the town of Tel-Rifat. It is in these areas that the fiercest battles are currently being fought between Kurds and the Turkish Army.

The Kurdish command reported that four Turkish soldiers and 10 pro-Turkish guerrillas were killed in the fighting in northwestern Syria.
 “As a result of these clashes, 10 members of the gang were killed in different parts of the region, 20 bandits [members of the armed Syrian opposition] were wounded. In addition, four Turkish soldiers were killed and many were injured in clashes in Bilbil,” the YPG reported in a press release.

It also said that during the clashes three soldiers of the Kurdish militia were killed.

The strikes resulted in the damage of 108 targets out of 113 planned.

On Sunday, Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim confirmed the beginning of a ground offensive in the region.

It was noted that Turkish armored vehicles had advanced some 3.5 kilometers into the Syrian territory.
Story here. 

Politics Talk. DACA, govt closure and the idiocy of it all.

I've tried to steer away from politics talk.  I don't like the way that discussions go, I hear way too much meme talk without thinking and unfortunately people go back to their corners without actually considering the ramifications of what our elected politicians are doing/have done.

DACA, the govt closure and the meltdown in Washington ticks all of my hate boxes.  Think about the following.

1.  Regardless of where you stand on DACA, it was an overreach by the past President.  In essence he gave almost a million people amnesty.  Ignore the "morality" of the thing, its illegal.

2.  With regard to Trump rescinding DACA.  Silly move.  State Attorney Generals were waiting in the wings to take the issue to court. I personally consider it a pity that they didn't get the chance.  The imperial presidency needs to be cut back and executive orders are out of control.  If Trump had allowed nature to take its course then we would see this issue being played out in the courts, not with idiotic closures of the federal govt.

3.  Congress is broken.  I accept that is fact.  Where I part company with my fellow citizens is that is a good thing.  Why attempt to charge forward on issues if compromise isn't possible (and apparently it isn't at this time)?  Better a Congress that does nothing than one that has the country whiplashing from the right to the left every election.

4.  Illegal immigration and how DACA fits into it.  I understand the arguments in favor of granting amnesty to children that were brought across the border illegally.  But the brutal truth is that the basic trouble with the immigration issue is twofold.  One we're allowing illegality to continue unabated and second now that the illegality hasn't been dealt with our govt is now attempting to reward it.  That is the other moral issue that must be dealt with.  If I speed I'm getting a ticket if caught.  Cross the border illegally?  You're sent on your way and told to report back in a few months.  How is that fair?

5.  The last thing I need to point out is the craziness of the whole thing.  The Dems have shut down the US govt over the needs and concerns of approx one million people THAT ARE NOT US citizens.  How is this being seen as a winning issue for them?  Are my fellow citizens insane enough to really support this stance?

This whole thing is batshit stupid.

There will be a time in your life where all you need is 20 seconds....

The UK's Parachute Regiment merge with the Royal Marines?


I thought this was just the fevered dream of Big Army.  Now I see its spread overseas and the Brits might actually be considering this.

Simply fucking amazing!

JGSDF and USMC load LCAC and by Gunnery Sgt. Robert Brown

YPG will not go easily into the night...Looks like a Turk Leopard 2 got knocked out in Afrin!

Thanks to Giannis for the link!

I can't say enough good thing about my community of readers.  I have a few knuckle heads that need some wall to wall counseling (that's when you take an underachiever and grab him by the collar and slam him from wall to wall till he gets his mind right) but the vast majority (just like the Marines) are beyond solid...they're absolutely awesome.

That applies to the tips I get.  I don't post many of them but I check out all of them because they keep me in the loop about events worldwide.

Keep'em coming folks.

They're appreciated more than you know.

Back on task.

The Turks might have underestimated the fight and I now think the Russians/Syrians/Iranians are making them look like fools.  I say this in hindsight because I didn't see it at first.

Consider this.  The YPG/PKK are battle hardened.  They're supplied and equipped by the US that seek to establish a "Border Security Force".  They're led by some cracker jack US Army Special Forces bubbas.

This will not be easy.  They will not find it enjoyable.  They MIGHT win but they will pay a heavy price for that victory.

The Russians analyzed the situation and decided to use the Turks as cannon fodder.

If past is prologue we'll see the Turks asking for Russian assistance. Whether its given or not, the Turkish President just weakened his position.  Just like he begged the US for help in an earlier fight, the region will see the Turks for what they really are.  A big Army that looks hard on the outside but if you dig down past the outer layer, they're soft as cotton.