Sunday, April 23, 2017

I messed up...but its corrected now!

Hey Tribe,

I messed up.  I posted a link to Google Docs on a TRADOC brochure regarding the Army's Future Bradley Replacement.

It was listed as private but is now open to everyone.

My bad but get over it.  Shit happens and when it does we reorient and keep moving forward.  

Mother Of All Bombs Infographic via USA Today...


Maybe this thing is more impressive than I thought.  Might need to reassess!

F-15 on afterburner down low...Glamour pic!

pic via EyesToTheSkies Tumblr Page.

57mm Valhalla Turret

Thanks to Checkers for the link!

That a BIG setup, but I'm assuming it doesn't penetrate into the cabin.  If that's true then we're seeing something nice.

Check out the Odin 570 here (note the caliber...that's a 57mm gun...naval artillery on a ground vehicle...if we went this way then engaging old tanks would be easy...even new ones could suffer damage)

Next Generation Combat Vehicle Prototype 1.0

As promised I posted the link to this PDF on my Google Docs page.  You can find it here.

Side note.  I absolutely hate this "me too-ism" that seems to sweep the pentagon.  "Leveraging the F-35", "Game Changer" for damn near every weapon system being considered and now this "1.0", "2.0" bullshit is almost too much to stand.

Mattis is right.  Powerpoints make people stupid.

Open Comment Post. April 23, 2017

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle (TAPV) in the snow with Canadian Forces...

Anti-Assad terrorists have been taking a beating this via

More pics and story here.

Why do I see pics of guys standing on burnt out and destroyed vehicles and immediately think "battlefield tourists"?

Cockerill 90 on LAV...Glamour pic of the day...

Thanks to Help for the pic!

Hovercraft in the Arctic...the Russians appear to be planning for it...

Thanks to Gregory for the pics!

CoffeeJoeJava recommended an "open comment" post so that readers could comment on stuff that wasn't covered that day on the blog.  The idea is that readers could stay on topic on particular post and use the open comment section for free ranging discussion.

It's been a raging success.

As usual, the conversations go all over the place and due to the fact that we have people commenting from all over the globe, we tend to get peeks at what other nations are up to.

It annoys many but I have a few Russian readers that give us looks at what their govt is working on (I wonder if the CIA and Defense Intel guys are looking at what we're talking about here?).  The latest was a "combat capable" icebreaker.

Yeah you read that right.

The Russians are going to build/are building, an icebreaker with a large caliber cannon on the front and vertical launch systems midsection.

But what has me jazzed is the fact that they're also including a hovercraft! Colin caught it and if you look carefully at the above pics you'll see it too. So what is the hovercraft?  Google was not kind but I tracked it down.  Pic is from Defense Blog (matches perfectly doesn't it?).

Go here to read his take on the vehicle.  I find it noteworthy that while we're just getting units tasked with fighting in the Arctic (again...after around 20 years when no one had the when we've been talking about it for the last 10) the Russians are not only arming icebreakers, building vehicles specifically tailored for arctic combat and even getting high speed hovercraft to take advantage of their all terrain capability, we're still crawling toward the idea.

The Russians are ahead of us when it comes to prepping for a fight in the arctic.  No shame there, were had other priorities.  How about this though.  Instead of reinventing the wheel we simply take their solutions and match the capabilities now, and later work on overmatching them?  Its the only way to rapidly close the gap.  The 2nd ID is gonna hate it but they're gonna have to take that mission on with gusto.  At least a Brigade of Arctic troops will be necessary...not rotating, but permanently assigned to the mission.  If the Marine Corps wants to play then I guess I could see a SPMAGTF being formed for that task.  Either way its gonna suck.  The cold hurts!

The current state of the Marine Corps...

Check out the below passage...
The Marine Corps is a fermenter; it is divided into two distinct camps—the Old Salts and the Boots—who are forever warring: the Old Salt defending his past and his traditions against the furious assault of the Boot who is striving to exalt the Present at the expense of the Past, seeking to deflate the aplomb of the Old Salt by collapsing this puffed-up Past upon which it reposes.
But the Boot will forever feel inferior to the Old Salt; he must always attack, for he has not the confidence of defense.
The moment he ceases to slash at Tradition with the bright saber of present deeds, the instant he restrains that impetuous sword hand, trusting instead to the calm eye of appraisal—upon that change he passes over to the ranks of the Old Salts and ceases to be a Boot forever.
Youth rebels and age conserves; between them, they advance. The Marines will cease to win battles the moment either camp achieves clear-cut ascendancy.
Helmet For My Pillow, by Robert Leckie (via uss-edsall)
Makes sense....but I ask....Are the boots and the feminists and the "transformationalist" tilting the axis?

Every Day Carry. What makes a flashlight tactical?

The flashlight above is the Nitecore P10GT.  It's labeled on Battery Junction as both a tactical and everyday carry flashlight.

My question is simple.  What makes a flashlight tactical?

Personally I like the clicker on the back (side switches which are all the rage today are just a pain in the ass to find) and I wanted more than 600 lumens (on a cloudy night in Louisiana it gets DARK!).

Anyway my searching of Battery Junction continued and when I checked out the "tactical lights" the main distinguishing feature was crenelated bezels.

Is that what makes a flashlight tactical?  Or is it simply if a matter of how a flashlight is used?

Does that cheap Rayovac that puts out 9 lumens on two D-cells and goes for 1.75 become tactical if a cop's light goes out in the middle of shift and he has to search a building for a burglary suspect?

Do labels even matter anymore?  If not then are we paying a premium unnecessarily?  These aren't burning questions but I wonder.