Monday, August 19, 2019

Syrian and Russian warplanes target the Turkish convoy heading south!

If this is real then the pucker factor in the region just spiked.  I'd be surprised if senior leadership of Russia, Turkey, Syria, Iraq and the US wasn't on the phone right now trying to lower the temperature on this stove.

I've said this is the most chaotic war zone on the planet and that still stands.

The stakes here are varied, have numerous cross currents and is obviously a VERY high stakes game.

It would be very nice if leadership would inform the public of their real goals here.  One thing is certain.  Freedom and democracy have left the building long ago.  This is about power, influence and cash.  Some have speculated on the fighting being about an oil pipeline.  I don't know.  Pipelines can be easily disrupted so why engage in full scale combat over it?  There is more to this story and I want to know the details.

Second-generation Cloud Leopard M2 prototype

via Shepard Media.
The 209th Arsenal of the Materiel Production Centre of the Armaments Bureau exhibited its second-generation Cloud Leopard M2 prototype, at TADTE 2019, a vehicle that has been undergoing evaluations and verifications for more than a year.

The ROC Army estimates it will purchase 250 Cloud Leopard IIs in the coming three years.

On show in Taipei was a Cloud Leopard M2 mortar carrier fitted with an 81mm mortar (the vehicle on the right in the above picture). With an electro-servo control system and automatic fire control modules, it can provide rapid fire effects for mortars of both 81mm and 120mm calibre.

An accompanying video showed the M2 testbed appeared very stable during mortar firing tests. Besides the vehicle suspension system, the Mobile Mortar System’s low-recoil mechanism contributes to the weapon system’s stability.

Many features are added to the M2 vehicle for various trials. For example, the UAV Forward Observation System developed by the 202nd Arsenal can be integrated. This UAV offers real-time imagery at ranges of up to 6km, thus providing battlefield situation awareness for the gun crew.

Furthermore, a Panoramic Vehicle Imaging System (PAVIS) enables a 360° all-round view for visible, IR and fused images. This mast-mounted equipment increases situation awareness by day or night.

Besides the mortar variant, the development team plans to install a turret containing a 105mm gun on future Cloud Leopard IIs. Cooperating with 202nd Arsenal, two 105mm Mobile Gun System prototypes will roll out no later than Q4 of 2024.

Meanwhile, mass production the CM34 armed with a Mk44 Bushmaster II 30mm chain gun commenced in 2019. It is estimated more than 280 vehicles will be ordered to provide high mobility and greater firepower for mechanised infantry.

The CM34 carries 420 rounds of standard 30mm AP, HEI and TP ammunition. As well as the weapon system, the 30mm Chain Gun Turret System offers surveillance capabilities.

Need more info on this second gen model.  Article seems a bit light to me on the structural changes they made.  Hopefully we hear more in the future.

Diver Delivery Unit – VICTA 02

DHC-5 Buffalo for quiet STOL

Supacat Light Role Vehicle

Bronco Maintenance Task Vehicle variants towing High Mobility Trailer (HMT)

Pics via Jon Hawkes Twitter Page...

...if it's amphibious then the USMC should really take a look...I LIKE IT!

Hong Kong protests growing larger. Chinese intervention is almost certain now.

100K protesters?  Chinese intervention is almost certain now.  The weird thing? I don't even know what they're protesting now.

Open Comment Post. 19 Aug 2019

Friday, August 16, 2019

2 Palestinian terrorists attempted to carry out a stabbing attack on Israeli police officers in the Old City of Jerusalem (GRAPHIC VIDEO)