Monday, August 02, 2021

Polish Leopard 2A4 thru the bog...

Finnish Defence Force Leopard 2A6


They have got to get a CONCRETE message out on this virus...Post vaccine LA is worse than before vaccine LA????


I don't get this. They have got to get CONCRETE messaging out on this thing cause I'm confused. If this thing is spreading like this then NOW we need the lockdowns. The first iteration of this thing was child's play. But they wasted bullets and don't have anymore to shoot. Even worse? They can't rally the support of the public because the info keeps changing and no one wants to hear from the medical folk....hell alot of them (medical pros) aren't vaccinated. This thing is crazy!

Is this F-35C loadout even possible?


Is this loadout possible? Relevant? Seems like a weird mix of weapons. Looks impressive on the model but would it be used operationally in this configuration?

Guam exercises provide ‘at-scale’ test of new Army, Air Force operating concepts

I've been so focused on the naval services, with apparently the Marine Corps in the lead, that I haven't kept track of what the Army and Air Force are cooking up.

via Stars and Stripes
One reporter pointedly asked Flynn whether the U.S. Army could rapidly deploy “in case Taiwan is invaded by China.”

“The Army is always able to rapidly deploy,” Flynn said. “And we have a range of forces out here in the Pacific —from forcible entry forces, to motorized forces to sustainment, communications, cyber, electronic warfare, intelligence, security-force assistance — all ranges of capabilities within the Army, that can move at speed and at scale, to conduct operations across the region.”


Fast moving, agile, scalable forces that are able to operate along the entire spectrum of combat...and conduct forcible entry?  They sound like the old Marine Corps!

No complaints though.  Someone's got to do it.

Pakistan's Army is fighting alongside the Taliban AND rigging elections?


Ok. This was new to me. I had no idea the Pakistani Army was fighting alongside the Taliban. A quick Google search shows that this has been common knowledge for some time. I just missed it. This surprised me too. There is rioting in Pakistan over accusations that the President had the Army's help in rigging elections? Amazing.  I've read some articles where pundits are predicting that Pakistan could be overrun by the same terror outfits its supporting. Some of those guys are a bit over the top and predicting that nukes could get loose.

I have no idea.  What I do know is that the most dire predictions can't be dismissed anymore.  The 2020's are gonna suck.

The WARZONE's article on a true air-to-air combat drone...

Didn't see much buzz on The WARZONE's article on a new air-to-air combat drone the USAF is developing. It looks like a game changer and was hoping to spark a discussion on it. Check out the article here and comeback to discuss.

New batch of J-20A powered by the indigenous WS-10C turbofan with a serrated nozzle design


Open Comment Post. 2 Aug 2021


"Hard To Kill" Instagram Page's Motivation...

The imagery is a little over the top to me (but fits the demographic they're trying to reach) but the words sing.
These are a bit more my style and still get the point across. Hit the gym guys. Covid is a disease that kills the sick, infirm and overweight. That's the real dirty secret of this thing. Mental and physical fitness is more important than ever. The 2020's are gonna suck. Health is the new wealth (well that and not being in debt!).