Saturday, July 04, 2020

We're about to seize Iranian Tankers headed to Venezuela?


2020 is the year that just keeps on giving!  Why now?  There is an oil glut currently, Iran and Venezuela are practically isolated internationally and both countries are hurting badly.

The current dynamics of the situation seem quite favorable so why risk this type of escalation?

Curious as hell the calculus behind this thing.  Hate to follow the old chestnut of following the money but this would raise oil prices globally in an instant if we did this and Saudi Arabia (as well as Russia, US oil etc...) would benefit greatly.

Operator from the Norwegian Special Operation Command (Forsvarets Spesialkommando, FSK) with their Taiga winter uniform/apparel

The gear looks right.  Maybe we should just piggyback off the Norwegian work on winter uniforms and just adopt their ensemble.  I mean they are subject matter experts in fighting up North.

St Louis couple vs protesters...should they have stood their ground or bugged out? (Video)

Still digesting this thing.  I thought the video could start a discussion on the event.

Knowing many in my audience I have little hope that it will constructive (some of you are rigid and don't consider circumstances, tactics etc...just ideological to the extreme), but many others will add useful thoughts so I'll take the chance.

One thing pops for me though.

Unless you're in a complete breakdown of social order then any action will be fraught with legal danger.  I agree with the author of the video.  Removing yourself from major population centers (work wherever but avoid living in big cities) is probably your first defense.

Happy 4th!

God Bless America...

This could have ended so badly...

Trying to decide if this is gutsy, or just plain stupid.  This could have ended so badly...

Polish Rosomak 8x8 wheeled APC in #Afghanistan got hit by a RPG-7

Unrealized replacement of the Tu-142. Visualization of the appearance of the An-171

Found on Reddit's Weird Wings.

The comments are interesting.  I'm not an aviation guy so I don't know if they're right or wrong but it's a compelling discussion.  Reddit isn't all trash.  You should check out some of the military/gun/fitness related forums.

Open Comment Post. 4 July 2020

Thursday, July 02, 2020

Royal Saudi Air Force is waging an unnoticed war against Iranian made IED drones...

My theory.

The more Iran is squeezed the more likely the low grade fight turns high grade.

We've been looking for nation state warfare to breakout?  I think it'll be between either Saudi Arabia vs Iran or Turkey vs Egypt...with Saudi Arabia vs Iran being more likely.

RAF A400M Atlas conducts Natural Surface Operations

Who are these guys? YJA Star e's forces targeted two Turk tanks

Had to be a base that got hit.  Wonder why they don't have security out? Weird war.  Seems like its almost laid back till people start dying.  So many different forces operating in such close quarters and we're not seeing the type of intensity I'd expect.

Anyone ever hear of this group before?  I haven't.  Is it an old player that got renamed?

This is a strange game.  The bad part of the gamesmanship?  People are dying and those that don't die are having their lives turned upside down.

One thing is certain.

Victory on the battlefield is not the objective.

EOS Australia wins accelerated contract with the Australian Army...

The Hawkei might deserve another look.  Shaping up to be an unusual but capable vehicle (I think).