Saturday, September 14, 2019

China's upcoming military parade will produce surprises.

Wow.  The Chinese are taking off the gloves.  I wonder if we've upset their timetable?  I like to think we must have.  The Pentagon, State Dept and the rest of the US govt has been extremely slow to wake up to this threat and I imagine they believe that they would continue to operate in the shadows unnoticed.


They've been exposed so instead of retreating they're going all out and showing us their strength.

I'm pleased.  At least they're being honest now.

For better or worse we have a new cold war with a foe that is in ways more/less dangerous than the USSR.

China parading hypersonic UAVs...

We just saw in Saudi Arabia what subsonic, loitering drones could do.  A primitive Army has the high tech Saudi military on its heels (Houthis).

What happens when hypersonics enter the game?

Remember the old "the bomber always will get thru" meme?

I see it returning with hypersonic missiles/drones.  Are lasers an effective countermeasure?  I'm not sure but we need to be working on defenses against these things as fast as we are to develop them in the first place.

Open Comment Post. 14 Sept 2019

Houthis just nailed Saudi oil facilities with loitering drones...


The Houthis are the kind of allies you want in a war.  Provide them with weapons, a few advisers and they can kick ass and take names with minimum footprint.

Why can't we get allies like that.

On a more serious note, expect oil prices to rise.  Expect the usual suspects to want to bomb Iran.  Unfortunately expect the boiling cauldron that is the Middle East and North Africa to rise a bit more.

Can we call this conflagration a regional war yet?

German Boxer JODAA test bed

Friday, September 13, 2019

AJAX vehicle is being demonstrated with a deployable bridging system (pic)

General Dynamics UK AJAX variant with deployable bridge unit.

Add drones to the list of items that people use to evade police.

How soon till we see drug dealers using these to move product?  That's certainly got to be in someone's thinking as we speak.  Additionally how soon till we see anti-drone devices attached to police units along with cell phone scramblers.

I focus on the military but law enforcement by necessity is becoming more sophisticated and unfortunately again out of necessity more militaristic....simply because crime is doing the same.

Doubt me?  Even in European countries the threat of illicit communication during raids could put law enforcement/public in danger during you need cell phone scramblers.  Drug dealers are transnational so anti-drone devices will be necessary when drone use becomes widespread.

It's truly a brave new world.

Sidenote.  I take no position on the subject of this video.  I simply look past it and examine what the truly evil could do.  Whether this guy is a villain or hero is up to you.  I haven't even heard of him before.

Korps Mariniers earning entry into the Korps & receiving their berets

I like our (USMC) traditions but I do fancy the way they do this too. Impressive.

Finnish Air Force...Dispersed basing, concentrated air power.

Thanks to Anderson for the links!

Open Comment Post. 13 Sept 2019

US Army's 41st Field Artillery Brigade received its first shipment of the M270 Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS) @ Grafenwöhr Training Area