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Friday, December 06, 2019

Note. The shooting at the Naval Air Station was done by a SAUDI Aviation Maintenance Officer, not an American!!

Watching MSNBC and they're discussing the shooting at the Naval Air Station.  The show host stated that an Aviation Maintenance Officer did the shooting but left out the fact that it as a SAUDI NATIONAL AMO!

He also left out that its being investigated as an act of terrorism.

How much longer will we tolerate an ally that perpetrated the 9/11 attacks, sponsors terrorist organizations and kills us at every opportunity?

Additionally we're considering sending 14K troops to the Middle East to defend them against Iran. 

Maybe we should consider switching dance partners!

First 36 Piranha 5 Infantry Fighting Vehicles on the way to Romania...

Thanks to RakuRO for the link!

Friday Morality. Perspective...does it apply to foreign affairs?

The reality?  You can weep for the monster's family while at the sametime acknowledging that he was indeed a monster.

Perspective is irrelevant.  Defense of yourself, your family and your nation is all that matters.

This is how China really win is not possible...

For the record the US is NOT doing whatever it takes to stop China's rise. It could easily be done.  Easily but not painlessly.  A robust trade policy that actually had teeth could bring China to it's knees, unfortunately the global infrastructure has been shaped to such a degree that unraveling will cause domestic pain.

The question is whether or not we're willing to take a little pain now or alot of pain later.

War is coming.  Maybe in 10, 30 or 50 years but the US and China will cross swords.

Open Comment Post. 6 Dec 2019

Thailand Gets More Tanks, Armored Vehicles from China

Thailand received more battle tanks from China this week, an army official said Thursday, three months after Bangkok took delivery of armored infantry vehicles from the United States.

Ten VT-4 main battle tanks – the final lot of the total of about 50 vehicles – and 38 VN-1 armored personnel carriers, among other military equipment, arrived on Tuesday from China at a port in Chonburi province, southeast of Bangkok, a high-ranking military officer said.

“The tanks and armored cars were brought to the Adisorn Cavalry Center in Saraburi province for inspection,” the officer told BenarNews on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media. He declined to elaborate.

Interesting UK take on Exercise Green Dagger..."Royal Marines HONE FUTURE ROLE United States Marine Corps into battle

A Royal Navy spokesperson said the exercise saw Royal Marines further developing the Future Commando Force concept - and become "the lethal tip of the spear" for the USMC.

"The Marines are evolving for the battlefield of the future, focusing on the way they take on their adversaries and developing equipment that will give them the cutting edge in combat," say the RN.

"As part of that, the Green Berets are putting their commando skillset at the forefront of what they do, rather than centring on conventional warfighting.

Tip of the spear?

Future role leading US Marines?

Fuck that.

Break the fucking spear.

If I was in charge for just 10 seconds I'd dial up US Army Special Forces and tell them that I've got a deal for 'em.

Let's team up.  Let's work together.  This chest thumping from across the water is annoying as hell.

I don't think we need them.  We can make do with assets in house.  From the SEALs to Special Forces.  We don't need Royal Marines "tip of the spear" bullshit infecting an already weakened Marine Corps spirit.

Whistleblower accuses Navistar of fraudulent pricing for MRAPs in newly unsealed complaint...overpricing in the Military Industrial Complex is legal...

via Defense News.
In the complaint it is alleged that Navistar specifically made misrepresentations of the price of its 7400 chassis used in the MRAP vehicles.

Navistar is accused of bumping the price to $250,000 a piece compared to a $125,000 price tag for other customers.

Because the chassis is a commercial item, Navistar was exempt from having to show certified cost and pricing data to the Marine Corps.

Burgess noticed, during the course of his job, that Navistar was charging $125,000 for the chassis to other customers, including another branch of the U.S. military and foreign countries. He brought the discrepancy to Navistar’s manager of financing for the MRAP contract, where it was confirmed the prices were different, but he received no explanation as to why.

The government ordered 9,000 MRAPs with the 7400 chassis and suffered approximately $1.25 billion in damages from the chassis price difference alone, the complaint alleges.
When the Marine Corps decided in 2009 that it needed modifications to MRAPs sent to Afghanistan due to the more difficult terrain encountered there, it required the companies providing the vehicles to redesign the platforms with improved suspension systems to better handle tough, uneven terrain. Older vehicles would be retrofitted, while all new deliveries would have the new capability.

Navistar outfitted 3,898 vehicles with improved suspension system, or ISS, upgrades, the complaint notes.

According to the complaint, Navistar was concerned it would now have to produce cost data on the chassis and engine when negotiating pricing for the ISS upgrade.

Navistar employees including Burgess were directed to ensure the government would not get access to the data, the complaint states, because there was a fear the government would retroactively seek a rebate on MRAPs already sold to the Marine Corps.

Contract negotiations for the upgrades took place in 2010. And again, Navistar’s executive leadership team was at the table and proposed a $143,294 per unit price for the kits, which was then negotiated down to $142,602 per unit.

Navistar allegedly decided to convince the government the ISS kit was a commercial item to avoid providing cost data again. Burgess argued at the time that the kit didn’t meet the criteria, the complaint recounts.

Navistar showed purported sales histories, catalog listing and vendor quotes to try to convince the government the price was fair, according to the complaint, but the documents were either “forged or utterly misleading.”

For example, one sale history for a transfer case shaft to Deutsch’s Truck and Diesel Repair turned out to be a forgery — the company hadn’t sold the part to Deutsch’s.

And in another case, Navistar presented the government with other vendor quotes, including one price of $103,904 for front and rear axles. The complaint alleges that in reality the quote to that company was actually $58,480 per set.

Overall, due to the inflation of the ISS kits, Navistar overcharged the government $30,455 per kit, according to the complaint. The complaint calculates that total damages here amount to roughly $118.7 million.

Going off memory here but if I recall correctly there is some kind of protest with Navistar and the JLTV.  Wait a sec while I google it...

Yep.  The story of the Navistar protest is here.

Having remembered that drama while posting this story I can't make heads or tails of this thing.

Is this corporate hardball?

Are we seeing the govt finally coming around and telling Navistar to knock it off thru the backdoor?

Not sure.

What I am pretty sure of is that we're getting a peek behind the Military Industrial Complex in the US.  A look at the arcane and downright silly laws.  Oh and an education on how defense corporations are bilking the hell outta the taxpayer.

I can hear you say it now.

But what about the military.  Don't they have a role to play in holding the contractors feet to the fire!

Yes and no.

Think about it.  The mothers of America would be screaming bloody murder if their boys (and now girls...God this is gonna get so much worse when women start showing up mangled) didn't have gear to protect them from harm.

MRAPs were necessary and we needed them in a hurry.

Navistar APPARENTLY took advantage of the laws and the desire to protect to inflate their profit margins and OVERBILL the US govt.

Corporatism gone wild.  How do you fix it when its become part of corporate culture.

Our corporate culture today is Gordon Gekko on steroids....even the military industrial complex has adopted it.  Forget the protect our soldiers line. They worship money...patriotism be damned.

The Chinese are becoming masters of large scale modular construction...

Did you check out the constructions steps in the above vid?

The Chinese are becoming masters of large scale modular construction.  The buildings might not be "pleasing" to look at but they can toss them up quickly.

Are there any military applications to this?  I'm not sure. Any ideas?

Milrem Robotics teams for Royal Air Force CH-47 for Mali Mission...

Fri Funny?

Couldn't help but smile.  Might be wrong but I take pleasure in the fact that these robbers got exactly what they deserved.