Thursday, January 14, 2021

China's WJ-700 combat/reconnaissance drone made its debut flight...


via China Daily

China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp, a leading defense contractor, conducted the maiden test flight of what it called one of the country's best unmanned strike aircraft earlier this week.

The nation's largest missile-maker CASIC said in a statement that the WJ-700 combat/reconnaissance drone made its debut flight on Monday at an unidentified airport in Northeast China. The maiden flight verified the plane's overall design and its subsystems' compatibility.

Next, the drone will carry out more test flights to examine its flight, reconnaissance and combat capabilities, it said, noting the product will be available to both domestic and foreign buyers once it enters the market.

The State-owned conglomerate called the WJ-700 "the first and only high-altitude, high-speed, long-endurance combat/reconnaissance drone in China", adding that there is a very small group of similar products in the international market.


EBRC Jaguar in Brun Terre


Taiwan's military orders armor for its vehicles from bathroom brand HCG


via Taiwan News

The Ministry of National Defense will spend NT$226.65 million (US$8.08 million) on armor from HCG, a manufacturer of bathroom fixtures, for its armored vehicles, reports said Tuesday (Jan. 12).

HCG, also known as Hocheng, is the only company inside Taiwan qualified to produce the required external armor for the eight-wheeled CM-34 “Clouded Leopard” Taiwan Infantry Fighting Vehicle, UDN reported.

The company should be able to supply its product to the military by Feb. 10, 2022. It has been involved in other military contracts before, mostly in how to develop the use of ceramics for bulletproof materials, according to the report.

Countless live-fire tests were conducted before HCG won approval as the only qualified supplier of the armor. Initially, the military had ordered 284 of the CM-34 vehicles but later added an additional 21.

This one caught my eye because of the "bathroom brand" thing.  Bathroom ceramics can translate into ceramics for combat vehicles?

This is why it MIGHT have been impossible to stop the rise of China once the lure of a new middle class became the rage for Western business.

Even the most benign entity can somehow tie into defense production. Which leads me to this item of concern. via Primemover Mag

Italian truck group, IVECO, according to reports overseas, is being shopped around by its parent company.

IVECO owner, CNH Industrial, was reportedly in talks to the sell a majority share in the truck manufacture to Chinese automaker FAW Group.

Having had an offer worth $US3.7 billion rebuffed last July, the Changchun-based FAW, a state-owned Chinese company, has renewed discussions with CNH Industrial to acquire IVECO’s commercial vehicles business which would include trucks and buses and a stake in the engine division.

It is understood CNH Industrial, a subsidiary of the Agnelli family’s holding company Exor, had also held talks with Shandong Heavy Industry Group, another Chinese industrial conglomerate, prior to Christmas.

FAW, which makes heavy duty trucks under its Jiefang brand, is looking to expand outside China as was reported by Reuters, who claims a source had confirmed an improved offer has been made during the most recent negotiations to acquire all of IVECO’s commercial vehicles business as part of its plans to obtain access to the international commercial vehicles market.

IVECO is currently in discussions to develop autonomous truck technologies with Jiefang-affiliated Chinese startup Plus.

At this stage it is still too early to know how this will affect its partnership with Nikola who it is currently building the prototype battery-electric Nikola Tre in Ulm, Germany.

IVECO already makes vans in China with state-owned SAIC Motor, the parent of MG and LDV light commercial vehicles.

In 2019 IVECO defense vehicles became part of CNH Industrial’s commercial and specialty vehicles unit.

I wonder if there is an unforeseen danger in this potential acquisition.  I know its not the defense unit but IVECO trucks in Chinese hands can't be a good thing.

I almost wish the US would buy the thing just to keep it from them. 

A stunning admission about the F-35 from the outgoing Air Force Acquisition Chief...

 Thanks to StarShipDirect for the link!

I always wonder WTF is going on in the background when I start seeing Military Twitter getting slammed with glamour shots (above) of the F-35.  StarShipDirect gave me the answer with this article from Breaking Defense.

 The F-35 fighter jet’s exorbitant life-cycle costs means the Air Force cannot afford to buy as many aircraft as it needs to fight and win a war today, which makes the Next-Generation Air Dominance (NGAD) program all the more important, says outgoing Air Force acquisition czar Will Roper.

“I think the F-35 program is a long way from being at a sustainment point that we need. I think it’s a long way from being an affordable fighter that we can buy in bulk,” he told reporters today.

“That’s the reason why Next-Generation Air Dominance is so important to the Air Force,” he said. “It doesn’t just represent a next-generation fighter with bells and whistles that we will need in warfighting. It doesn’t just represent a completely different acquisition paradigm. It also represents a chance to design an airplane that is more sustainable than the F-35 if, in fact, the F-35 cannot get its cost-per-flying-hour down.”

Roper would not be drawn on whether the Air Force was considering downsizing it plan to build a total inventory of 1,763 F-35s — with the Air Force requesting 48 aircraft in 2021, and planning to ask for the same annual buy for the foreseeable future, according to a study last month by the Center for Strategic and International Studies. “But what I can say is we’re not at the sustainment price point we need to be for a very large fleet. So, the next few years are critical for the F 35 program,” he added.


How many years has this airplane been at a critical point?  Bets were made on this airplane and the USMC wrecked itself to buy it, but the truth is the truth.

Hate them if you must but the bubbas from Air Power Australia were RIGHT!

Isn't it terrible that people that are clued into the truth early are always slammed by the masses and once that truth becomes widely known their shouts are quickly forgotten?

I'm not even worried about US airpower.

We'll simply print more money and build a new plane.

Our allies however are screwed.  That's a shame. I hope they all have a plan B, cause the F-35 was a terrible plan A.

Rheinmetall Air Defence: Oerlikon Skynex Air Defence System

Patria Nemo, Fire On the Move, 120mm Mortar System by Patria

The Bell V-280 FLRAA – Demonstrating Agility at the X


First time I heard pilot talk that damn near gave me a woody. Still don't know what the fuck "agility at the X" is but I'm excited about it!!!

Late Open Comment Post. 14 Jan 2021


About that DC riot and what SNAFU! Blog is gonna do with it moving forward...


I've been monitoring the conversations on this blog with regard to the DC riot. To say that I've been a bit perplexed, amazed, sometimes surprised and alot disappointed by some of the stances is an understatement.

This thing isn't hard for me.

This isn't a state capitol.


But I'll pause all that.

Despite me knowing that Trump didn't end the republic, that Biden won't end the republic and that sometimes twisted comments on the blog won't end the republic I've decided that we'll pause the madness.

If you guys want to keep it going in the previous blog posts then have at it. If you decide to pollute the open comments with this discussion then I could care less.

Me and my core will move on to other topics UNTIL we get more info.  Oh and trust me on this.  I have it on good authority that the stories that you've heard about what went on inside that building aren't even the half of it...when you hear the real deal it'll make you wonder how the police held that line and kept several congress people from being slaughtered on live TV.

But I digress.

Until we hear more we move on.

Gun guys. What do you think about this? Can't use pistol red dots on my duty weapon (yet...they're working on it or so says the SOG bubbas)...

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

New video is coming out on the riot in DC. It's ugly as fuck ya'll...


New video is coming out on the riot in DC.

What happened in OUR NATION'S CAPITOL is UGLY AS FUCK!!  You can't wish this away.  You can't find some type of moral equivalency with the shit that was happening in cities around the nation.

This is our capitol.  The seat of our nation's legislature.

It's crazy.

It's third world.

Whoever participated needs to be charged to the full extent of the law.  Oh and they were yelling USA while doing it.  

They stole Police Officers shields and were using them against them.


I have no doubt after watching some of these videos that they would have killed and captured Congressmen if they had gotten the chance.

Long story short?

Congress Critters were in real deal danger.

I questioned whether this rose to the level of sedition in an earlier blog post. 

I got my answer.


The Joint Chiefs have weighed in on the riots in DC...


This is telling.  A little ominous too.  The idea that they felt a need to speak up is indicative of something...I just don't know what.

Any ideas?