Wednesday, August 17, 2022

USMC School Of Infantry is all about small UAVs. Should Weapons Company turn into UAV Company?

How many UAVs should an Infantry Company have assigned to them?

Is it time to consider the idea of replacing the Weapons Company with a UAV Company?  Don't laugh.  If we're talking about suicide drones then it kinda makes sense huh?

Let me stir the pot and piss you off. Ukraine is only staying in the fight because of foreign aid & provided ISR...otherwise they'd be done!

Let me get this out the way first.

I don't believe that the fighting in Ukraine has ANY bearing on future fights.

Additionally I don't have a dawg in this fight and believe that no matter who "wins" that country is gonna be dog meat for the next two decades AT LEAST.

Having said that Ukraine is only in this fight because of foreign aid & provided ISR.

If it wasn't for that then this war would have been over long ago.

I can't help but imagine that we have military advisors on secure communications with Kyiv on an HOURLY basis.

In short.  If its true and the Russians do get augmented with Iranian drones then you will see more Ukrainian artillery taken out of the fight.  More of those small infantry units being found, fixed and destroyed.

That is the weakness with the Russian way of war ... they didn't properly account for how quickly they'd run out of UAVs.

But that's my opinion.

As far as how I see this war at this time?  Ukraine is trying to hold every piece of ground.  Russia is pushing, probing and attacking just to keep them on their toes.

Russia is waiting for winter.

When the snow hits the ground is when this thing goes from being static to quite active.

Watch my words.  This thing is gonna get hotter real soon.

Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron (HMH) 461 fly a CH-53K King Stallion at Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho

I've gone thru this with a parent. This man is NOT well.. (UPDATE)

I've gone thru this with a parent and its a fucking kick in the goddamn nuts. It is painful.

I don't know what "stage" he's in but it should be apparent to all that this man is not well.

The sorry, useless, pathetic, cock sucking bastards that are still rolling him out to serve as the puppet for their pet projects will hopefully roast in hell.

I can't imagine how his family must feel (assuming they actually care for the dude at all).  

If they actually do care then they should let him enjoy the few years (hopefully) of lucid life he has left.  He should be home enjoying the sunshine, playing with his grandkids etc...


He's being used as a mouthpiece/puppet so those with an agenda can push it thru.

Just plain sad.

Hell is probably too good for those folks.

UPDATE:  Some of you people are just plain pathetic.  Everything is viewed thru a political lens.  This ain't about politics.  Its about this guys health and whether or not he's capable of serving as President.  I've seen more than enough to state that he clearly isn't.  You have too but many are too jaded and politically motivated to simply state the obvious.  You also need to rot in hell.  This disease ain't a joke.

This illustrates the propaganda we're seeing in the Ukraine/Russia war...

How many of you knew that the Russians captured a M777?

Which one of the numerous people supposedly keeping a tally of equipment lost, captured or destroyed had this system on their rolls?

This is my point.

We're living in a land of mirrors.

We're being bombarded by propaganda!  We really have a VERY limited view of this war...despite living in the information age, our information is still being tailored to push agendas!

All those that are claiming to know the truth from fiction have a care.

Truth is ALWAYS the first casualty of war.

College Football is coming...Watch out for those boys from the bayou!


The college football world is sleeping on the boys from the bayou, but I can guarantee we'll be hanging hides on the wall this year!

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Monday, August 15, 2022

I've banged on Force Design 2030. Gotta give credit on how they're doing work with Man Portable Drones! VERY WELL DONE!

 Word came that the Russians were doing work with drones and had setup a school house.  I asked if we had something similar for our man portable drone operators.

Can't speak about what the other services are doing but a Marine had this to say...

Yes we do. Currently its a roughly 2-3 week course for smaller drones(think squad level), month for bigger (plt/company/bn level). Then you’re going to do OJT stuff in different field events. 1/6, we had a dronefex where we took all the operators out, and got into the weeds on employment(offsets, not directly overflying objs, ROZ, deconfliction, employment of fires, ways to actually talk on,, ways to bring the drone back and observe if they’re being followed, best ways to counter other suas, ect.). If you’re going to use assets, like anything you have to make a realistic training program even if you have a school house

If you've been on my blog for more than 5 minutes then you know I've banged on Force Design 2030 hard.

It is what it is.

But when they're doing good shit I gotta shout that to the roof tops too.

This is good shit.

Very well done.  Even better?  The Aussies are big into this too so we should see a bit of cross pollination.  From what I can tell (and this is just from my seat), the Aussies are real aggressive in how they push these small drones, maybe even world leaders.  The sharing of ideas will be big.

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Russian Spetsnaz University has a drone operator course. Do we? How long and what are the standards?

Do we have drone operators course? Is it by individual service or is it at a joint school somewhere? With the small manportable drones hitting the services should there be a common set of standards established? Do we expect them to be like the Aussies and be "race team" skilled? Should we expect them to send drones darting thru trees, inside buildings and even in tunnels? I would think so but I can see it turning into a month or longer course to operate a disposable item. Don't know if its worth it or not.

US Army continues work on Extended Range Cannon...

Our allies are jumping on the K9 Thunder with a quickness. I believe the Brits are either getting it or seriously considering for their next gun. If they were smart they'd wait. This baby is gonna smoke!