Friday, May 27, 2022

Timeline of the biggest law enforcement failure in American history...


Ukraine war news...the Russians are striking back

 via Military Times Early Bird Brief

Russians push to encircle Ukrainian troops, Pentagon says

(Washington Post) Russia could soon make a direct assault on Severodonetsk, one of the largest eastern cities still under Ukrainian control.


Ukrainian volunteer fighters in the east feel abandoned

(Washington Post) In a rare interview, a Ukrainian military commander and his top lieutenant describe disillusionment, deprivations and a sense of certain death among their troops on the front lines in Donbas


Russia captures Lyman – separatists

(Al Jazeera) Pro-Russian Separatist forces claim they have taken full control of the strategic town of Lyman in northeastern Donbas, with Ukrainian officials saying the unverified capture underscores Russia’s ‘growing’ tactical strength.

Things aren't looking quite so bright for Zelensky.  No wonder the Pentagon is trying to give away HIMARs to the Ukrainians.

One thing I've noticed.

The Russians are finally engaging with combined arms instead of the helter skelter type fight they started with.

Additionally I heard that the ratio of attacker to defender is now in some places up to 7 attackers to 1 defender...and that's after intense artillery bombardment.

My prediction.

The Russians just have to continue the fight till the beginning of August and then things will turn in a serious way in their favor. The alliance will shatter due to domestic concerns.

I do have one concern.

What will the Biden do if the Russians start winning, the economy continues to crumble and Americans start to see empty grocery stores?

Yeah.  They could reach for the rally round the flag moment and get our troops directly engaged in the fight in Ukraine.

The terrible thing?

Europe will most likely be in the same bucket so they'll happily tag along  (god knows the idiot running the UK about a European Neo-Con!).

Late Open Comment Post. 27 May 22

Counter Assault Exercise

Distributed Operations as a Stand In Force


The NRA is pure pussy. JOIN the "Gun Owners Of America" ...the no compromise organization!


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Quick rant. This American doesn't care what other people/nations think about our gun laws.

 Getting a bit fed up and tired of fucking foreigners feeling the need/desire/ability to chime in on America's gun laws.

Most of you live in countries that are subsidized by OUR defense. You WAIT for American leadership when it comes to tough problems.

Yet YOU have the audacity and NERVE to chime in on our domestic issues?

Eat shit and die.  I don't care what you think.  I don't want your fucking opinion.

Thursday, May 26, 2022

The fighting in Ukraine is turning savage....


Fire from the sky. Can't be put out and burns thru damn near anything....and here we see a virtual rainfall of the stuff. Quite honestly this is what I expected from the start. The fighting is turning savage.

By my estimation we've missed two chances to turn this off (or at least try) and our arrogance (or bad strategy) pushed for what was believed to be an easy win.

This will be anything but.

Oh and a side note.  I don't know how many of you actually attempt to track things in Russia but Putin is the dude to make a deal with. The potential replacements are much more vicious, more nationalistic...and even bigger believers in the idea of a "reborn" USSR than the current leadership.

This is America. It happened in Texas. Law Enforcement EVERYWHERE is trained to go in!

 I've read some of the comments about Law Enforcement not "being paid" to get shot at.


But we're talking about a school.  We're talking about an active shooter.

Law Enforcement is trained on this scenario.

This is America.  It happened in Texas.  Law Enforcement EVERYWHERE is trained to go in!

To be blunt.

I don't care how any other nation would handle this.  Its irrelevant. Its an issue for that nation to deal with.

But in the United States the expectation...THE JOB is to go in.

Sidenote.  I personally consider all this an ANTICIPATED blowback from the covid lockdowns, the terrible economy, and a broken society.  The police are in a terrible place.  On one hand you can't go hard because you might violate dept policy and end up jail. On the other hand YOU HAD BETTER go hard because lives are on the line.  Our legislators are failing us and our broken morality is betraying us.  This nation is broken. If we don't turn to riky tik quick to fix ourselves then the empire will undoubtedly fall.

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