Friday, November 16, 2018

Canadian Army @ Exercise Common Ground...

Navy SEAL accused of murdering a prisoner is back in the a weird personal theory (probably totally wrong)...

via American Military News.
New evidence has been exposed in the case of the U.S. Navy SEAL accused of stabbing an ISIS prisoner to death.

Navy SEAL Chief Edward “Eddie” Gallagher, 39, appeared before Navy Judge Advocate Capt. Arthur Record during an Article 32 hearing on Wednesday where evidence was presented to determine whether or not to proceed with a full trial, Task & Purpose first reported Thursday.

Gallagher, a 19-year Navy veteran, allegedly executed a wounded ISIS detainee with his knife in May 2017.


Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) Special Agent Joe Warpinski was called as a witness and delivered the testimony from nine SEALs from Gallagher’s unit, testimony he had gathered since April during his investigation.

Several members of SEAL Team 7 Alpha Platoon were providing medical treatment to a 15-year-old ISIS fighter who suffered a leg injury from shrapnel derived from a nearby Iraqi airstrike. Iraqi forces had captured the fighter, then turned him over to the SEAL team.

Gallagher wasn’t present as the other SEALs treated the fighter. However, once the fighter was stabilized, Gallagher allegedly “walked up without saying anything at all” and began to stab the fighter.

Three SEAL members witnessed the killing. One said the act left him in “complete disbelief.” Another “couldn’t believe what had happened,” saying the fighter “was just a brainwashed kid.”
Story here. 

No women (old skool that probably no longer applies) and no kids...that was the code.

Yeah you'll run into child soldiers but after the fight is done then so are you.

This shit though...makes ya wonder don't it?

I think I can speak for all of us in saying that this is pretty brutal and horrific and not what we expect from an American Fighting Man (I will throw up the caveat that the other side is making things real hard by strapping bombs onto pre-teens and teens and running them toward our forces).

Having said that.

Have you noticed the steady drumbeat of news?

When was the last time you had organizations like Task & Purpose leading the drumbeat on stuff like this?

Don't know.  Then let me refresh your memory.  It was for Women in combat arms in the Marine Corps.  During that time T&P along with other news orgs were slamming the Corps daily with claims of mistreatment of women and other things.

It has successfully broken the Corps as we've known it and I'm not sure if the new culture can survive the ravages of war.

The Army got the message and supposedly got women thru its Ranger School and if you haven't heard the first woman has made it thru the Q Course.

That leaves only the SEALs.

I just can't help but wonder if these "incidents", as horrific as they are, aren't being used to push a different agenda.

The SEALs are broken so we need to do things differently?  The funny thing is that they were broke long before this but they're highlighting these incidents so that they can make the other thing happen.  Yeah, its destroying the SEALs rep with the public but that's considered a necessary evil to achieve the desired endstate.

I'm probably wrong though.

It's a goofy idea and is so ridiculous that it borders on the did cross the mind so I threw it out there.

This MV-22 looks good in it's high visibility paint job!

Russian Army to Get 1st Tor-M2DT Air Defense Missile Systems Next Week...This is concerning...

via Sputnik.
The Russian army will receive the first battalion of the Tor-M2DT short-range air defence missile systems next week, the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement Thursday.

"On November 19-25, 2018, the first Arctic Tor-M2DT anti-aircraft missile systems are to enter operational service in the Northern fleet (Yeysk, Krasnodar Region)," the statement reads.

The hand-over ceremony will be held in the territory of the 726th air defence training centre of military air defence.

The Tor-M2DT system was developed using the Tor-M2 missile launcher station specifically for Russia's Arctic military group, and is able to defend airspace from enemy air attacks within a radius of at least 15 kilometres (9 miles). It is constructed on the basis of DT-30 tracked vehicles and adapted to lack of roads and low temperatures.
Much to the annoyance of many of my readers, I've taken the stance that Russia is not the enemy.

This move makes me pause though.

I've watched the Russian military buildup and from my chair it looks totally defensive in nature.  YES!  They are building an expeditionary force based on their Airborne and Marines but essentially they're just meeting an ever expanding NATO and EU.

Except when it comes to the Arctic.

I'm seeing specially designed vehicles that are being tailored to fight in that region.


The only thing that makes sense is that they're gonna make a run at something.  What that something is I don't know but I am concerned by the aggressive stance they're taking with regard to the Arctic.

Quite honestly that's an area where we're vulnerable, have little experience fighting in and we're totally exposed (I forgot the name of the Canadian "Ranger/Scout" force but they would have to be our guides up there...wonder why we don't have people running survival training up there?).

How bad are things?

Wheeled vehicles probably won't cut it.  Strykers will suffer badly and even the new ACV will probably be suboptimal.  Bradleys?  Too heavy, too little flotation over soft snow and they can't swim.  Maybe we could winterize M-113's we drag out of storage but the best vehicle would be BV-206's which we have very few of.

Oh and if you don't think that this vehicle isn't built to tackle our probable solution then you're smoking crack.  They're about to put into service their ground based counter to mobility by helicopter.

I just don't know.  Anyone have any better visibility on Russian intentions in the Arctic? 

China Hospital Ship makes port of call in Ecuador...Time for a modern day Monroe Doctrine.

I know what TTENG will say.  Why should I be calling for a new Monroe Doctrine because the Chinese are just sending a hospital ship to Ecuador.

He's wrong.

Check these articles...

The Chinese are in our backyard and co-existence is a lie.

They seek domination.  They don't believe in religion but they do believe they're destined to rule and that means conquer.

We will cross swords it's only a matter of's inevitable.

Since they are in our face and we can't avoid the fight we have only one option.  WE MUST GET READY!

Open Comment Post. 16 Nov 2018

Japan Marine Unit Defense Systems is developing a MultiRole Amphibious Vehicle.

JMU Defense Systems, a subsidiary of Japan Marine United (JMU), which is engaged in the development and manufacture of defense equipment, announced at the defense equipment exhibition "INDO" held in Jakarta, a versatile amphibian developed by the company for its own fund A model of a car (Multipurpose Amphibious Vehicle) was exhibited.

The versatile amphibious vehicle is based on the 94-type water border mine laying equipment developed and manufactured by the JMU Defense Systems for the Ground Self Defense Force, and the basic body layout conforms to 94, but the 94-type water border mine laying equipment It is 6 x 6 compared to the 4 x 4 vehicle, and the driving ability on the road including the rough terrain is improving.

At the time of flotation, like the 94 type water border mine laying equipment, the buoyancy is improved by tilting the left and right floats. Unlike the 94 type water borne mine laying equipment (propeller), the propulsion system at the time of navigation uses two water jets.

The spec is about 12 m in length, about 3.5 m in total width, about 3.5 m in total height, about 20 t in weight, about 6 t in payload. MTU 8 V 199 diesel engine (output 530 kw) is adopted as the main engine, NAMJET TJ 381 of the United States is adopted as the water jet, the maximum speed on road is 70 km / h, the maximum floating speed is 9 knots (16.7 km) / h, Operation with sea state 3 is possible.
Story here.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Jesus! Two Marine Raiders and Two Navy SEALs charged with the MURDER of a Green Beret~

via USNI News.
Two Navy SEALs and two Marine Raiders are facing murder charges in the 2017 death of U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Logan Melgar in a house in Mali, according to charge sheets obtained by USNI News.

The SEALs and Marines are all charged with murder and obstructing justice in the June 4, 2017 death of Melgar. The charge sheets accuse the four of breaking into Melgar’s room, binding him with duct tape while a SEAL choked Melgar to death and then lying to investigators about what had happened.

The criminal charges were preffered to the four on Wednesday, according to a statement from Navy Region Mid-Atlantic provided to USNI News.

“The four personnel face charges… including felony murder, involuntary manslaughter, conspriacy obstruction of justice, hazing and burglary,” the statement said.
I've said for a long time that Navy SEALs were broken.  I trace that back to the outrageous hero worship from the White House and the IDIOTIC string of books, and other attention that they got during the Bush Jr years in office.

McRaven was considered a celebrity, cashed it in for a cushy job as a University administrator as he oversaw the over glamorization AND overuse of his force.


Now the stench has rubbed off on Marine Raiders.

This whole thing is disgusting to read.  I bet the particulars (which we will probably never know about) would make us punch walls, shake our heads in anger and demand a full review of the organization.

Somehow, someway the freaking Army seems to be holding it together.  I wonder why?

Regardless.  Read this shit for yourself here.

Black Rifle Coffee mounted a freaking 20mm gatling gun to ...wait for it... PRIUS!

What are these bubas mixing with their coffee?

On a side note I'm noticing more and more of these companies/YouTubers/influencers driving these compact cars.  Wonder when that happened?  Doesn't seem to fit the audience but what do I know.  The first person I noticed that went this direction was MilSpec Monkey with his "monkey mobile"....

This is kinda awesome.  As long as the gun/gear community goes outside of the raised truck image it can't be nothing but a good thing.

The gun world’s best (hard to get) 9mm handgun

Story here.