Thursday, February 22, 2024

Ukraine will be able to use F-16s for strikes on the territory of Russia, NATO chief Stoltenberg says

Easiest way to figure out exactly how this war is going is to simply follow the talking heads (in this case govt officials) on what is and isn't allowable under their changing rules.

At one time F-16s were a defensive weapon.  They were to be used to defend Ukrainian airspace.


Now they're talking about strikes deep into Russia.

Forget any thought about the enemy response to such an attack.  Ignore the idea that as soon as these strikes are carried out that Russia will probably savage Kyiv and other cities (military targets are scattered throughout those cities).

In other words we're on the verge of another escalation.

I guess its to be expected.  When you're losing territory and you're looking for a hail mary pass the once idiotic seems appealing.

The first flight of the KAAN 5th Gen Fighter

Note. I've read many say that this program is still eight to ten years from completion. I don't think so. The Turks seem to be operating on an accelerated schedule. I don't know if they're doing the F-35 thing of concurrent development but they seem to get projects from schematics to their forces much quicker than other nations.


Drones have revolutionized artillery...

Suicide or one way drones are a concern but not a real game changer. The real game changer is how drones have revolutionized artillery. Dispersion is a must in the modern age. The only question is how far back from the forward edge do you need to do it. Drones are basically ANGLICO on steroids, they can call for fire, adjust the fire and can work with air strikes, artillery barrages and naval guns (yeah we still act like we have that). Drones terrorize when going after individual infantrymen or armored vehicles but their real secret sauce is how they have pushed out the effective targeting of the enemy. instead of just getting hits at the forward edge they're now making ground launched deep strikes a reality.

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Law Enforcement takes another "L"

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Modern Warfare Lesson. Never tempt fate & never talk shit on camera....Ukrainian Foreign Legion Defender KIA...


Ya know what I think about everytime I read about a foreigner getting killed in this conflict. What would there lives looked like if they hadn't decided to participate? Then I wonder if their participation actually made a difference. Got alot of questions for Jesus if I make it to heaven. Yeah I know the religious answer. Our path is ours to pick but already known (unwrap that if you can!).

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Russia is attacking from 5 different directions. Don't be surprised by a sudden collapse of Ukrainian forces


A reader informed me that he had word that several Ukrainian commanders had negotiated with Russian counterparts for safe surrender of their forces. Don't know what will happen behind the lines (but that is the most dangerous place for surrendering troops...IYKYK) but I've seen vids of hesitate Ukrainian troops successfully surrendering without harm. But to the bigger issue. Ukraine is too limited in MANPOWER to blunt attacks from 5 different directions. All it will take is a collapse on 1 front and its a rout. The door could be open all the way to the Polish border.

If Russia is smart (and the above is correct) they'll push as far as possible while destroying/capturing as much of the Ukrainian military as possible and then falling back to defendable positions of their choice.

If the Ukrainians are smart then they have to look to the protection of their Army.  As long as they have an Army they're still in the game.  They should consolidate their positions and dig in HARD!  Terrain features, towns...whatever should be used to aid their defense.  Washington, Berlin, London, Paris....NATO/EU will all be alarmed and everyone will dig hard to probably rob their own national defense to keep Ukraine from falling to Russia.

What do I think will happen?

Putin has been extremely cautious.  He talks alot of shit but he will be careful not to alarm a pussified West into stumbling into direct support of Ukraine (boots on the ground).

Even if the above happens he won't push as far as he could possibly go.

Stalemate again but with different lines.

I really believe in the end the Russians want a negotiated settlement to this conflict, not the destruction of Ukraine (but I DO believe they will find and kill Zelensky).

I could be wrong but that's what I believe after watching this for awhile.

I kinda think she's done with his shenanigans...

2d Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment Conduct Battalion Mechanized Assault

Keep practicing boys. This "legacy" Marine Corps shit will be needed sooner than you think. This push button missile Marine shit is gonna be roadkill in a ditch....HQMC won't admit they fucked up but FD2030 is still dead man walking.

Ship-to-Shore: LCACS , LAR

Keep practicing boys. We're gonna be dumping FD2030 soon and these skills will be back in vogue again!

Some old timer stated that unless you're law enforcement or the military you don't need a light on your self defense weapon....the responses have been wild and this is the best...


The gun community has been going crazy on X. Some old timer said unless you're law enforcement or military you don't need a light on your self defense weapon. The responses have been wild and many want to kick him out (as if you could....its a big community with many opinions, the only time trouble erupts is when your way is the only right way). Anyway this is the best response to the old timers foolishness. Here's the old timer. Oh and I say that with respect to his views on modern weapon technology and not his age.

Crazy shit I'm seeing...

 * Stories are fictional and apply to no known individual.

Another day another pile of bullshit.  The city is undermanned (we are too) so we help them out.  The call is to a part of town I know well.  The "cool" part of town, the southside if you're from the south and you know what that means without me having to say.

Anyway a young male thug who just did his juvenile life and is walking around the streets for an aggravated assault is shot and lying on the ground.  God knows I really don't give a fuck.  But the cell phone cameras are out and they're recording so I give the words of encouragement and tell him that an ambulance is on the way.  Weird thing.  I get called a tom, cracker, fetch and step and tons of other shit.  What I don't see is the Klan or Aryan Brotherhood killing young black men.  As a matter of fact that would be a refreshing change, but back on topic.  Detectives arrive, crime scene is here and we have to canvas the crowd to see if anyone saw anything.  Ya know like a fucking concerned citizen.

Of course they don't say shit.  The local so called leaders will call the boss directly (not talking patrol supervisor either...think much higher) to report an ant crossing the street but when we get a shooting call, which happens much more often than the city residents know, ain't nobody seen a thing.

Get back in my ride and heading to my zone but get word to hang around.

Retaliation is expected so what was a beautiful night is turning into an ever luving shit show.  

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The Houthis bagged a British cargo ship?


Monday, February 19, 2024

Subway in NY vs one in China. America has already lost the next war

We live in a no trust society. We have shit infrastructure. We are trying to maintain an empire at the expense of our own citizens. We are welcoming in hordes and not only giving them better benefits than the people that are citizens but they are on the fast track to becoming citizens. Our laws are not enforced...even when criminals commit heinous crimes.  

The list goes on.

If you disagree with the title of this blog post then tell me why and explain to me how a morally bankrupt, financially wrecked country can win on the battlefield or in the fight to win the future.

Yeah.  That's what I thought.  We might hate it but we've already lost the next war.  The fight for the future has been squandered.

At this stage we have to accept the L and set the stage for a comeback.

The German economy, the engine of Europe, is dramatically bad

THIS IS INTERESTING! This is a case of unintended consequences or stupidity in a handbasket. Going away from cheap Russian oil has doomed their economic and erased their economic advantage. We're paying alot to support Ukraine but it appears that the Germans might have wrecked their economy trying to do so.

The black community is finally globbing onto the idea that replacement theory isn't just a white thing...


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Crazy shit I'm seeing...

 I'm gonna do a little "crazy shit I see series".

This is the latest.  

Dude was high as giraffe pussy on fenny.  Rush to his aid and he has no pulse.  Hit him with narcan.  Nothing.  Hit him again.  Nothing.  Slap him hard.  Slap him again.  Wake the fuck up bitch.  You stupid bastard wake the fuck up.  Hit him again with my last narcan. 

He starts to shake back.

Hey do you know where you're at?  Can you see me?  Yeah its rapid fire but this little fuck just departed the earth and now he's rushed back.  Need to know if he has any brain cells and I hear the pros rushing with lights and sirens to take this idiot to the hospital (love those puggy EMTs).

Yeah I'm here man.  You do know you fucked up the best high of my life don't ya.

Fuck me.

This motherfucker is chasing the high that will kill him.

We can blame China all we want but its a lie.  We have some fucked up Americans roaming our streets.

Be wary when playing "a knight" to what appears to be women in distress