Wednesday, December 06, 2023

Chirstie is taking body blow after body blow

And this is why people are fleeing cities on both coasts. Not only crazy crime but insane taxes and fees

This is some London/UK shit right here. Fuck New York!

Tuesday, December 05, 2023

US Treasury Sec makes an OUTRAGEOUS claim!

What a stupid bitch! First this is totally outside her lane. Second, the Ukrainians are responsible for their victory or defeat. They showed extreme hubris in launching a counteroffensive before they were ready. Oh and I could see they were not ready from my chair! Seriously when did it become fashionable for public officials to talk outta their asses?

Zelensky cancels a meeting to beg for more aid from Congress...things are bad


Many are speculating, and I agree, that the Republicans do not give a shit about the rampant illegal immigration into our nation. The Senate Minority Leader (the old fool) and Sen Romney along with the warhawk Graham are all calling for further aid to Ukraine only if the US border is secured. The speculation is that its feared that Trump will win in a landslide unless the border, crime and inflation is not brought under control. Quite honestly that has to be the case. These are the same clowns that failed to impeach the DHS Sec for failing to do his job while at the same time wanting to go after the president? Its all a show. I truly believe they do not give a fuck with regard to illegal entry but for some reason are scared shitless of Trump and will only do their jobs if it keeps him from a second term.

The Marine Littoral Regiment. Totally Defensive By Design.

Jesus. All the bullshit claims about NOT building a modern coastal defense unit and that is exactly what these motherfuckers did.  One piece of advice I got and forgot.  Never trust anything coming out of HQMC.

Flashback to Oct 7. Hamas capturing an Israeli female...

Open Comment Post. 5 Dec 23

Possible grid meltdown in the UK????

This is ominous. What gives?

Monday, December 04, 2023

Finally a core base of support is turning on the Dems...

This is good news. Black men have been turning on the Dems in increasing numbers. What I do not understand is why they have a strangle hold on black women. Regardless, I consider this good news. FINALLY!

It appears that we are failing to deter or compete with China near the Philippines

Explain to me again how the US military in general and the USMC in particular with FD2030 is gonna deter and compete with China? Useless bluster and chest thumping will not win the war or the peace. Do the Chinese consider us competent and determined? Are we? If we are not then we have lost before the fight has begun. If they do not think we are then there will be a fight.

I wonder what liberal women and gay men think about this when they rush out to support Hamas

When I saw this I thought of the group trans for Hamas. Why would you support people that would kill you in the most barbaric way possible?

Can anyone give an explanation of the word COMPETE in Pentagon terms?


Compete is the current buzz word were hearing from the Pentagon. Its replaced PARTNERSHIP and we are watching ASSURING ALLIED fade. But what the hell does it mean? How do you COMPETE in military terms? You compete in sports. You fight in combat. Deterrance is a joke I will not even touch but how do you COMPETE?

Why Ukrainian counteroffensive didn’t go according to plan, by Washington Post.

The blame game for the loss of this war begins...

Their God allows it....the Quran says so...

Many in the West attempt to interpret the Quran. I dont. I leave that to the experts. If someone tells you who they are believe them. Another reason why I dont understand Hamas supporters. No matter what your political affiliation you should be horrified by this, but no, many cheer it. We live in crazy times.

Open Comment Post. 4 Dec 23

Thats a real slow draw you got...FAFO


Sunday, December 03, 2023

Central Command has intel on Iranian forces in Iraq and does just this?

Amazing. They're doing this shit and we are still playing pussy? We should be microfragmenting every fuck that points a weapon, drone or bad thought our way. What good is speaking loudly and not having a stick---or balls!

Americans don't realize it but this region of the world only respects power.  Power and the liberal application of violence.  We are failing that test.

Archer’s eVTOL aircraft

US warship & commercial ships are currently under attack...


No details on this yet but its being blasted all over my feed. Anyone know whats going on????

I think FSU deserved a spot in the playoffs but Michigan's reaction to hearing they're playing Alabama is telling

FSU earned it on the field. They have the resume. Washington earned it. They have the resume. What do they both have in common besides demonstrated performance? Both teams were thought to be dead meat to their opponents before they took it to the field. Alabama doesn't have the resume and got in. The last bastion of meritocracy has fallen.