Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Open Comment Post. 23 July 2019

Akrep IIe hybrid electric armored vehicle

via Army Recognition.
Akrep IIe is a technology demonstrator, which is equipped with an innovative electric-based power and propulsion solution that consists of a highly efficient and powerful electric motor, advanced battery pack and smart power control algorithm. Low silhouette, reduced size and weight, increased mobility and swiftness, decreased levels of acoustic and thermal signature are other contributing factors of AKREP IIe’s innovative electric-based power and propulsion solution.

Akrep II can be equipped with alternative power plants (electric, diesel and hybrid). The fully electric variant of Akrep II, which was on display at IDEF 2019 in Abu Dhabi, is a technology demonstrator with a powerful electric motor integrated to the axles and advanced battery pack. With electric power source at the heart of its design, Akrep IIe is extremely agile with increased mobility and swiftness. Capable of running at a considerably low level of acoustic and thermal signature, the vehicle is suited to be an excellent choice for conducting stealthy military operations. The four-wheel drive and steerable axles (optional) give the vehicle superior maneuverability, a bit like on Arquus’ Scarabee. Thanks to high payload capability, medium-caliber turrets up to 90mm can be integrated. Akrep II can also be configured for various types of weapon platforms for quick reaction, reconnaissance and surveillance missions, base/air defense missions, and other similar tasks.
Story here. 

Turk defense industry.  You can despise their leader (as they probably do our own) but you have to like what they're doing.

My issue?

This is a no-brainer yet we haven't seen any movement toward a hybrid diesel-electric engine.

The awesomeness of such an engine would be a big deal.  Logistics would be lessened...especially for our expeditionary (Marine Corps) and rapid deployment forces (82nd & Rangers).

The JLTV would be quieter and quicker.  The ACV would be able to run longer.

The shift in mounted combat would be extreme.

But for some reason we haven't pulled the trigger on this tech even though we've seen it in civilian automobiles for at least a decade now (rough guess...don't hold me to it).

Consider it a missed opportunity.

Price for German Puma Combat Vehicle's Development Doubles

via Sputnik.
Puma is a German mechanised infantry combat vehicle developed and issued by Krauss-Maffei Wegmann and Rheinmetall-Landsysteme. The German Federal Armed Forces received the first Puma prototype in 2010 and mass-produced deliveries began in April 2015.

The sum allocated for the manufacture of German Puma mechanised infantry vehicles has exceeded the target amount by 2.9 bln euro, according to the German television channel N-TV. Preliminary estimates indicate that the final total of vehicle development has almost doubled.

The German Defence Ministry explained that the price hike of the project was agreed upon in the contract, adding that the rising costs were also prompted by additional requirements for the hardware.

The German Army was originally slated to procure 410 units of equipment to replace the outdated Marder vehicles. However, the order was slashed to 350 units amid the increase of the cost of a single unit up to 7 million euro. The full delivery is expected to be completed by 2020.
The solution for the German Army is obvious.  First acknowledge that the Puma IFV is a failure.  Next?  Buy this.

Tuesday Funny. Fish eats shark...

No warm up on this one.  Go here to watch the video for yourself.  Sidenotes.  I didn't know sharks were scavengers.  I didn't know fish ate sharks.  I wonder how that fish tastes?

Monday, July 22, 2019

China is to release a defence white paper on Wednesday

I will be interested to see the direction they intend to take going into the future.  If I recall correctly they plan on overtaking the US in all domains by 2050.  I've estimated it will be sooner unless we course correct IMMEDIATELY. 

This paper should give us an indication of how they view things.

Turkish designer unveils badge of his country’s 1st S-400 squadron

Pizarro Combat Engineer Vehicle...

A Hong Kong victim of the attack by the govt sponsored White Shirts...

Drink in the above pic.  This dude was just a Chef returning from work when he was set upon by the govt sponsored White Shirts.

Are those welts life threatening?  No.  Dehumanizing?  Repulsive?  Yes. 

China isn't showing its hand...its using whips held by the hands of its minions...

Pic of the day. Unknown Turk M60 Upgrade...

Open Comment Post. 22 July 2019

Afterburners pushing it straight into the ocean...naval aviation is inherently dangerous...

Another vid of the unidentified persons attacking protesters in Hong Kong...

Some believe these are criminal gangs.

I don't.

It makes no sense.  Why would a criminal gang attack people that are fighting off extradition laws?  Additionally I stand by my observation that these are men are organized, have exhibited discipline in the choice of strike zones, have similar "gear" and while the attacks seem chaotic, they're at the same time controlled/systematic. 

This isn't random.  This is coordinated and planned.  From my chair I still think that these are either military or paramilitary forces.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Chinese govt responding to the Hong Kong protests?

Thanks to Rupert for the link!

The title is pure click bait but I believe it covers what I saw in this video.

Think about it...

1.  All the "white shirts" appear to be of prime fighting age.  I believe they're either military or para-military by their appearance.

2.  They're all uniform in appearance.  One thing we know about "young men".  Unless conditioned by training you'll always see a peacock in the group.  Not only are they uniform but their "tools" are uniform too.

3.  The selection of weapons is calculated to cause pain but did you notice how they're striking these protesters?  For the most part no strikes to the face or head.  No strikes at knees.  They're all aimed at the victims back.  That's training and its operating under use of force rules.  What about the outliers that are hitting people about the head?  They're also unmasked.  My guess is that they want them identified (probably sheep dipped to have a Hong Kong address) as patriots defending China against foreign interference.

Long story short?

The paramilitaries are active and they're taking it to the protesters.  I expect more than a few people to be rounded up, if not tonight then certainly thru the week.

The Dragon is about to roar.