Wednesday, September 28, 2022

бездоріжжя (bezdorizhzhia) has returned to will cool this war - the maneuver season is ending

China practicing massive amphibious invasion using "civilian" militarized shipping

Geez. Our Marine Corps says amphibious assaults are passé (with a big dose of that message originating with Marine Corps haters) and the Chinese say fuck that, hold my beer!

Really sad.

They're doing what we were once masters of, but appear to be no longer capable of doing.

The saddest part?

They're just piggybacking off all the work done by USMC greats to get it done.

Late Late Open Comment Post. 28 Sep 22

Taiwan is not ready + Using Subs as the "ultimate" defense against Chinese invasion of Taiwan is batshit stupid!

Yeah. Drink that in! Once again an allied force's capabilities have been overblown while our arch enemy's (China) capabilities are derided...

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Russian forces receiving iodine and NBC suits?

PLAOps @PLAOpsOSINT>>>>>>FOLLOW THIS GUY if you're a China watcher!

I posted his thread on how China conducts Amphibious Assaults, but went back and read the rest of his stuff. TRUST ME~! FOLLOW THIS DUDE!

1st Bn., 7th Marines conducts battalion field exercise

173rd Combined Arms Live Fire Exercise (vid)

Nord Stream 2 sabotaged!

The EU is about to be under gun in a way that we haven't seen in several generations. Energy or rather the lack of energy when its cold will push aside all wishful thinking about green energy.

For Europe we will see fantasy replaced with a COLD reality!

Unfortunately for those of us in the US this will mean high energy prices cause the Europeans will push the price to the moon.

2d Assault Amphibian Battalion: MK19 and M2 Machine Gun Range