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Nearly 40% of Marines are declining to take the Covid vaccine...



That sounds like the Marine Corps I know.

But there is a serious question.

If this thing mutates (even more) what implications does this have for defense? I remember the last time we had an issue like this.  It was the start of the War on Terror and there were some people objecting to anthrax vaccine.

They were court martialed, put in the brig and later separated (think it was 2/7).  Word is they were some good Marines.

Could we see that again. 

Littoral Regiments to operate within the enemies engagement range? You better factor in Chinese Fast Attack Missile Boats!


Forgot all about these puppies.

If I recall correctly (too lazy to look it up right now...gotta get back to WOT), they have about 100 of them.

If you're gonna fight in the first island chain then you better expect for these to be zooming all over the place along with attack helicopters, maritime patrol aircraft, Chinese Coast Guard Cutters (a couple of which are Cruiser size...even bigger than Burke's), UAVs (both armed and recon variants or both), sats and of course the mark 1 eyeballs attached to all those fishing boats they'll utilize.

Just getting ashore will be a minor victory.  Short lived though it'll be.

TN Gov signs constitutional carry bill into law

 Story here.  Make sure you give it a good look-see before you weigh in if you're not familiar with the subject.

Ya'll are gonna hate me.

I believe in the 2nd Amendment.

I believe that right should not be constrained.


I also know that there are many irresponsible people walking around.  Too many real deal law breakers.  Too many people that need mental help.  Too many people that lack training....


Before I joined the Sheriff's Dept I had a concealed carry license.  Do you know what you have to do to qualify for it?  You have to have a clean record (no felonies, drug offenses etc...).  You have to have attended an approved training course (less than a four hour class).  You have to demonstrate proficiency with your firearm of choice.  What did that consist of?  If I remember correctly you had to shoot 25(?) rounds at a target with the farthest distance being 15 yards away?

99% of Marines I know could do that in their sleep or after a night on the town trying to drink every bit of alcohol they could lay their hands on (an example..DON'T DO IT..someone will try but don't!).

Ok you say but its a right.


You do realize that every John, Jane and Harry/Harriet, will now be able to carry right?  Not just those "good" people that you attend church with but some of those people that hide in dark places.

You do realize that young men/women that participate in certain activities will be able to carry in public and if found will be 'good to go' if they haven't been connected to some of that illicit activity they participate in right?

This is one of those things that sounds good in theory but terrible in practice.

Oh and one other thing.  Did you know that my state doesn't charge Vets the lic fee?  They can also skip the class just by showing their DD-214.  All that's left to do is to show that you can hit a target almost close enough to touch.

Getting a lic isn't a heavy lift.

What say you.

2d AABn Rehearses Safety Protocols

Hi-Rez J-20 pics...

Open Comment Post. 10 April 2021

AAV Egress Training Broll


Arctic Littoral Strike: Marines, Norwegian Military Conduct Exercise in Northern Norway (Article)


SETERMOEN, Norway – U.S. Marines and Sailors with Marine Rotational Force-Europe 21.1 (MRF-E) enhanced their warfighting ability above the Arctic Circle during exercise Arctic Littoral Strike in Northern Norway from March 11-31, 2021.
“This exercise demonstrated the battalion’s capability to operate inside actively contested maritime spaces, in this case arctic littoral spaces, and to provide support to joint fleet operations,” said Lt. Col. Ryan Gordinier, the MRF-E battalion commander.
“The Marine Corps has demonstrated an interest in developing expeditionary advance basing capabilities in the Pacific, and we took advantage of the opportunity to exercise those concepts in the Arctic.” Exercise Arctic Littoral Strike enabled elements from MRF-E 21.1 to experiment with emerging defense concepts and to confront the challenges of anti-access, area-denial capabilities posed by a notional peer adversary.
The Camp Lejeune-based Marines and Sailors of 3rd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment conducted experimentation of the future force by supporting simulated sea-denial operations in arctic littoral terrain. “I’m satisfied that our allies have achieved success on their training while in Norway,” said Maj. Gen. Lars Lervik, chief of the Norwegian Army. “A complex exercise like this, including other Norwegian branches as well, will always increase the alliance’s ability to implement complex operations and strengthen the collective defense of NATO.” Joint naval integration was the first focus of the four-stage exercise.
Exercise Arctic Littoral Strike enhanced sea-denial capabilities by pairing mobile MRF-E elements with Norwegian naval forces in the Arctic fjords. MRF-E’s Light-Armored Reconnaissance (LAR) Company received a training mission that required the unit to “secure the bridge” by observing along routes that could be used by an adversary, and then reporting their observations in order to allow a Norwegian submarine the ability to move without being impeded by notional enemy forces.
MRF-E’s LAR Company conducted integrated training with the Norwegian Submarine Command Course that enhanced their interoperability with combined naval forces. “Because of the terrain, the tactical scenario placed the Norwegian submarine in a position of vulnerability,” said Capt. Joe Tortorici, LAR company commander. “Our efforts to conduct effective over-watch were critical to the survival of not only our Marines, but also to the joint force’s ability to operate within the adversary’s weapons engagement zones.
Our ability to do that in the future will ultimately enable us to integrate directly with naval assets, as we have done in this exercise with the Norwegian submarine, and support larger naval campaigns.” The exercise culminated with a second focus: company reinforced live-fire attacks simulating the isolation and destruction of a notional, adversary integrated air defense system. Both day and night, the Marine contingent exercised a combined-arms approach, integrating Javelin anti-tank missiles, tube-launched optically-tracked wire-guided missiles, artillery, explosive ordnance, and heavy machine guns with maneuver elements. Lima Company Commander, Capt. John McNamara, explained how this exercise demonstrated the battalion’s commitment to training in “any clime or place”. “A combat-credible force is a company that can conduct a company-reinforced, non-illuminated live-fire attack anywhere they are deployed,” said McNamara.
The battalion’s strategic location in the U.S. European Command area of responsibility, especially along Northern Norway’s arctic coastline, offers unique opportunities for the Marine contingent to apply concepts from the U.S. Marine Corps Commandant’s force design, which 2d Marine Division’s training objectives support. “Our ability to conduct this training has shown not just 2d Marine Division, but the Marine Corps writ large, that we can fight and win in any clime and place,” McNamara added. Exercise Arctic Littoral Strike followed a sequence of arctic cold weather training events led by Norwegian instructors.
The Marine contingent spent weeks leading up to the exercise honing their ability to live, thrive, and fight in the Arctic. “We appreciate the graciousness of the Kingdom of Norway in allowing us access to the training facilities,” said Gordinier.
“The battalion benefited greatly from the instruction of our Norwegian Armed Forces instructors and this exercise would not have been a success without them. They are truly among the best in the world in arctic cold weather training. This opportunity to continue to build relationships with our allies has been exceptional.” MRF-E focuses on regional engagements throughout Europe by conducting various exercises, arctic cold-weather and mountain warfare training, and military-to-military engagements, which enhance overall interoperability of the U.S. Marine Corps with allies and partners.

Operating inside the enemies engagement zone. That phrase is starting to become a serious talking point.

They better start practicing medevac procedures...maybe even exercise DELAYED medevac.  It's all shits and giggles till you start taking enemy fire. 

Its gonna suck worse to be on call to tell someone's family that their Marine was lost because the golden hour no longer exists because we were "operating within the enemies engagement zone".

Arctic Littoral Strike: Marines, Norwegian Military Conduct Exercise in Northern Norway