Thursday, June 13, 2024

The bureaucrats are in control now. Believe your eyes. Joe needs to go to his front porch...

We've been saying it for the past year and a half. If Joe Biden had a loving wife and family he would be on his front porch enjoying his grandkids and looking back on his life.

Joe Biden doesn't have that so I pity him greatly.

What has me spinning is if its as bad as it looks (it looks terrible and remember this is after they've drugged him up)then that means the bureaucrats are running this nation.

We're fucked.  Joe Biden isn't loved by those closest to him...and every intel service (friend and foe) is making note of this weakness.

America is probably in the middle of its most vulnerable state in many many decades.

You can bet the sharks are circling...the general public just don't know.

IDF soldiers engaged in CLOSE COMBAT with Hamas terrorists


Biden and Zelensky just signed a security agreement. Explain to me how its binding if its not ratified by Congress?

 I guess this is a civics 101 question but Biden & Zelensky just signed a security agreement.

The talking heads say its binding even if Biden doesn't win re-election.

How is that?

I thought all treaties had to be ratified by Congress.  Are things different now?

They got it all over us....must be nice to live in a high trust society

Do you see that shit?

They have it all over us and that's why we're gonna lose and lose big.  Tech can't save us if our underlying values are fucked beyond recognition.

It must be nice to live in a high trust society.

Yeah.  We think we can save the world when we can't even save ourselves.

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You excited about the new Leopard with unmanned turret? The Chinese validated the Legacy USMC's concept of tank operations days ago in their new thinking on MBT operations!

I hate that work has been so busy lately. I wanted to get some info out earlier this week but fuck it. We'll do it live like RIGHT NOW!

First thing out the pipe is that the Leopard MBT with an unmanned turret is taking X by storm.  Everyone is talking about it, everyone seems excited (don't know why we've seen this concept since the 60's) and most are wanting it now.

Ok.  Cool.  You do you.

It's 2024.  If this old concept that has been dug up, dusted off and rebranded floats your boat then who am I to judge.

But if that excites you then what should have you paused up saying what the fuck is the Chinese view of future armored warfare.  Check out the tweet below.

If you don't know then let me tell ya. The Chinese just validated the USMC's concept of using tanks as INFANTRY SUPPORT PRIMARILY and anti-tank vehicles as a distant second.

To take it a step further they also just put a huge checkmark on the Booker M10 that the Army is rolling out (yeah the turret is manned NOW but I'm betting that'll change in the next 10-15 years max...a major redesign is coming), remember the Army is calling it a Mobile Gun other words INFANTRY SUPPORT!!!

The Marine Corps was ahead of the curve and threw it all away only to have to rebuild it again in the near future.

The USMC is lost.  The Chinese and US Army are spitting it our faces and we know it.  How the FUCK Marine Corps leadership could have gone off on this tangent, see the huge mistake but keep marching is beyond me but keep an eye on our competitors.

Sunday, June 09, 2024


If this shit don't make your dick hard then you need to turn in your man card. WELL FUCKING DONE!

Ukraine is about rare earth minerals? This is a resource war?????


Lord Bebo missed the real info in this. So Ukraine has rare earth minerals? At least "critical" minerals? So this whole fight isn't about freedom (IS IT FUCKING EVER!!!!)~! It's about the looming resource wars. I thought we had a few more years but when I look back at Afghanistan that's what that whole thing was about (oh and a backdoor for our USAF to hit China). Follow the fucking money and you get what's going on everytime. DAMN! Took me long enough to suss this out.

When a tongue in cheek tweet hits so wrong...

Drummond is a huge supporter of the war in Ukraine.

I get it.  Don't understand it but I get it.  Oh and let me be clear.  By supporter of the war in Ukraine I'm not just talking about Ukrainian victory but the WAR itself.  I might be wrong but that's the impression I get.

This tweet here though.

Damn.  That thing I KNOW was supposed to be tongue in cheek and a side defense of how old the fighting force is now.

From my chair it hits so wrong.

Make no mistake about it.  This is a peer fight that has devolved into a MANUFACTURING war and a fight based on POPULATION.

We're witnessing a modern fight done on WW1 type rules.

This tweet along with the recent ADDITIONAL arms the US is sending to Ukraine, along with the increasingly belligerent posture taken by many (most notably the NATO Sec) tells me that Ukraine is losing badly.

They won't go for negotiations so the Ukrainians are simply trying to hold on till winter so that the lines can be frozen by the weather.

I talked shit to many of the critics of this fight that said that the US is willing to fight till the last Ukrainian.

They were right.

I was wrong.

At this point, if this has an economic basis to it, then Ukraine is a loss leader.  That country is gonna be a broken husk for the next 50 years at least.

The smartest thing we could do is to simply give it to the Russians and let them deal with that aftermath.  The recovery will occupy the Russians, Chinese and Iranians for a decades and could give us breathing room for the next REAL fight for our survival.

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VMX-1 welcomes home the CH-53K King Stallion


Saturday, June 08, 2024

Bold Rescue Operation by the Israelis. But what about the others...


A couple of things shock me about this.

The first is the rescue operation itself.  You save those you can but I can't help but think that the retaliation against those left behind is gonna be beyond savage.  Let's be real.  The IDF and the Israeli govt are really negotiating over MOSTLY body recovery, not live hostages.

Next is the units involved.  Deploying a police unit into a combat zone?  Yeah we've done it (most notably US Marshal's...those dudes can FUCKING SHOOT!!!!) and some of those guys are definitely combat capable...both on the streets of America and abroad.

But they're one of the few I've seen that can actually hook and jab at that level.  The idea of the Israelis sending in a police unit to participate in the rescue makes me wonder WTF.  I don't know their real capabilities but the ratio of special ops to conventional units in their force structure is rather high.  Correction.  Extremely high.  I'd say approaching damn near half their forces.

I wasn't there so I don't know.  Wasn't even close.  I just hope they know what they're doing.

This war has been confusing as fuck.  Oh and let me hit you with this.  All this took place with a ceasefire proposal in front of Hamas (damn...along with the "forced" ceasefire proposal, the IDF high command has also been talking about making a run at Hezbollah in the North....damn, damn, damn!).

I'm just not getting any of it.

Its almost like they're caught in a fight for the sake of fighting cycle.  That's a terrible place to be.

Hamas is done by my back of the napkin calculations so I have to wonder is this about national or political survival at this point?

Rheinmetall unveils the new Panzerjaeger concept


First operational deployment of the French Jaguar (Scorpion Program) Armored Vehicle...


Small sidenote.  The Scorpion Program, and the Jaguar IFV/Recon vehicle were started before we saw the revolution in drone warfare.

While we still haven't seen major forces adjust their vehicles (tactics are being developed but counters are few and far between) to the drone threat, what happens to programs when we see something revolutionary swoop in?


1.  Pause the program to verify what we're seeing and adjust accordingly even at the expense of added costs?

2.  Kill the program and start over knowing that past assumptions no longer apply?


3.  Continue the program and see if we can make what we're buying work?

I ask because the French seem to be caught on the horns of that dilema.

The Scorpion was a comprehensive wheeled vehicle fleet for their medium forces that could flex into both peer competition and out of area operations.

Many of the assumptions made no longer appear valid.  A recon vehicle the size of the Jaguar?  Even if it fights for info its still a huge target on the modern battlefield.

Which option should the French have chosen?

The Porcupine Warship MUST make a comeback...

The above pic is just used to illustrate my point.

Look how smooth and streamlined that vessel looks.  Pretty damn awesome.  Now use your minds eye to remember WW2 cruisers and battleships.

They were for the most parts ugly beasts.  Bristling with big guns, anti-aircraft guns, torpedo bulges for protection.  Big crews to take on battle damage.

Pretty they weren't.  Effective?  Hell yeah.

In this modern era we've got to get back to the days of porcupine warships.  Quad anti-aircraft cannon mounts along with the same number of rolling missile mounts.

I'm talking about ships bristling with weapons.

Oh and while we're focusing on the air threat we need to be aware that things will evolve to where the surface and subsurface threats will escalate too.

High tech looking, stealthy, "smooth" looking warships should become a thing of the past.

If you're not stacking weapons upon weapons upon weapons to ensure that every arc is covered isn't part of your plan then you're an idiot.

Oh and that applies to amphibs, auxiliary ships (tankers) etc...too.

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Danish Leopards 2A7DK

US Army Cold Weather All-Terrain Vehicle (CATV)

Borsuk IFV


Friday, June 07, 2024

Does the US Army's Armor School teach close combat for armored vehicles? Turret traverse, vehicle traverse, reverse speed, acceleration...all that counts in this Bradley vs BTR-82 fight


Thanks to Moebius 2249 for the link!

Ya know we push that shit hard when it comes to the infantry fight.

You might want to get the fucker at distance but it will get close unless you put him on his ass.

The weird thing is that even in police work, distance is preached. The close fight is something to be avoided.

From the outside looking in it appears that counts in spades when it comes to the armored vehicle fight.

But when it gets close just like in the individual ground fight, shit gets real and shit gets dicey.

Everyone wants to see pics of the vehicles after the fight.  I MOST DEFINITELY get that.  But what I would luv to read is the after action from the survivors.  I bet any food they had in their systems ended up on their seats. 

Can't even imagine getting banged hard by 30mm cannon fire from close distance not only along the frontal arc but on the sides too.

This had to be a life changing fight.