Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Open Comment Post - Where are we at with the war in Ukraine?

 We haven't done this in awhile.  Where are we at with the war in Ukraine?  A few bullet points...

1.  Our aid to Ukraine is unsustainable.  I notice many European readers are attempting to examine the US budget and decide for Americans how much to give, meanwhile they're giving less.

2.  Zelensky's act has played out.  No one likes the pampered princess and his continually asking for more and more seemingly without limit is grating.

3.  Apparently its the "hotness" in the West to ignore every domestic problem and focus on Ukraine only.  They're pushing hard the idea that this is a fight for democracy.  Anyone with a single brain cell knows better.

4.  Mixed reports from the front.  It appears that Ukraine has made it past the first line of defense.  I've seen more than a few reports to indicate as such from various pro-Ukraine X sites.  Haven't seen the usual assessments from British Intel (they've been outfront on alot of this in the past).  Not sure what's actually going on.

5.  The fight is going deep.  Setting up staging points in population centers no longer prevents strikes.  We know Russia is massing loitering drones and cruise missiles.  Ukraine seems to be doing the same.

6.  I miss anything?  Disagree?  Let me know how you see things.

Open Comment Post. 26 Sep 23

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Monday, September 25, 2023

Open Comment Post. 25 Sep 23


We get a lot for a little

So misleading and so wrong on so many levels. The world's economy was just recovering from the shock of covid and then our leadership basically decided to kill the economy again with the mess that is Ukraine. Not only are we losing economically but the American people are on the jagged edge of suffering because of the unintended consequences of leadership that always bang the sanctions hammer. 

I won't even touch on the BRICS nations and how they're responding to the actions of the West. 5% of the US defense budget is NOT cheap. The damage done to the US economy is even MORE expensive. They messed this up. They won't admit it. 

The endgame on all of this madness will not be victory but something much less. In short, we gave a lot and got nothing.

Australia shit canning the 7 RAR and 1 Armd to convert them to missile forces

Just wow. Australia is doing the Marine thing and killing its Army to build a missile force. Why is it that only the US Army ADDS to its capabilities instead of scrapping everything to chase the flavor of the day?

America fights for freedom? Maybe, but mess with the petro-dollar and we'll fuck you up!

The Petrodollar. Learn it.
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Sunday, September 24, 2023

The Chinese are stating it clearly. America needs to fix America while we have a slight chance...

This will be labeled dis-information. Some will call it right wing. Others will call it providing support and sympathy to a communist country. None will deny the info as being true. We need to fix America. All this pie in the sky, unicorns and sunshine shit has to end and we need to get this straight. The last of the hippy generation is dying or will soon. No more Bidens, McConnels, and the other geriatrics with twisted world views will remain (younger people with the same ideas will). This next election can stop the madness. The election after will begin to reverse it. I'm not political but its time to get feet wet and get in that fight. Your children and grand children are depending on it.

Geez! We actually followed Canada in their dustup with India instead of minding our own damn business????

JUST PLAIN WOW! If you ain't in Europe or Japan or S. Korea or Australia then there isn't any nation on this planet we aren't willing to piss the fuck off. Our diplomats are idiots. We need India. They don't need us! They can get weapons from any number of nations that isn't the end all be all to be shitting in their corn flakes and expecting them to like it. We're making unforced errors at an accelerated rate.

Didn't take the Chinese long to copy the US Army's upcoming tilt-rotor

Maersk is breaking away from US military contracts...

Well this should be the final nail in the coffin of that bullshit military/corporate partnership when it comes to war. Corporations have NO INTEREST in the national politics and certainly defense of their nations. They only care about money. Trying to make the Pentagon more corporate and to leverage corporations/adopt corporate behavior was idiocy on steroids. The Navy is gonna have to get back into the business of building fast transport ships and be prepared to move its own shit once again.

Canadians applaud for a veteran of the 14th division of the Waffen SS.

They tell stories without details to get the desired message out. We are being manipulated on every level. The only solution is to refuse to participate in this madness. Assume that the media narrative is AT BEST a lie.

A member of Zelensky's security detail got drunk, demanded people shout "glory to Ukraine", started fights and got his ass handed to him!

Stay in DC bro. If that shit happened down south it wouldn't be an ambulance but the Coroner's Office coming to pick you up!

First fractures with regard to destroying farms and now accepting illegal immigrants....the EU seems to be teetering because of social issues...

That German military personnel captured in Ukraine is taking a weird twist...

This is crazy. I'm gonna wait and see on this now. THIS IS CRAZY!!!

Saturday, September 23, 2023

Kremenchug Airport hit?


Note. Don't ask me. I don't know the terrain, the locations etc...The report is saying that it was a massive attack and I have to wonder why they would put all their eggs into that one basket. This war is puzzling.

This is the clown that Zelensky is appointing to be an ambassador for Ukraine?


Story on her appointment here....

I always hope that things aren't as jacked up as I think they are and they continue to prove me wrong.

They're in the middle of a war and they appoint clowns like this? Are they serious about anything except for begging for more arms and money?

Escribano tested the Elbit's Iron Fist hard kill active protection system on its Guardian 30 unmanned turret

This guy is seriously painting a target on his back with his publicity stunts...I don't get it...

Have you been following this dude? He makes all kinds of vids and stuff and is so active on the net that I almost believe he's an influencer instead of intel bubba (wait...that might be the same job on second thought). Anyway I don't see anyone poking the bear in the Ukrainian govt the way this guy does. Not only does he do it but he seems to take joy in doing it. I can't believe that they won't go after him in a big way...I'm talking about a 50 missile strike designed to get him in the middle of the night while he's doin' the two backed beast! Is his desire fame or is it an unspoken death wish?

German mercs? (Russian Reader informed me that this is a fake story)

UPDATE! Story is fake!  Clash Report has been pretty damn reliable and I'm talking about globally not just covering the Ukraine war. They definitely get a mulligan if they got this one wrong, but I still give them props because they sited their source and it apparently came from Russian media.