Saturday, February 04, 2023


Thanks to Carlton for the link!
Just listen to the vid. Then think about it. For us or rather our govt, this is just fun and games. For Russia this is a massive threat and a HUGE red line. Oh and if Ukraine and the West push for the recapture of Crimea then you WILL see the nukes fly.

Friday, February 03, 2023

The hysteria about this Chinese balloon is almost comical....this is about super powers playing games...

US citizens better get used to the super power games that are soon to be coming our way. This balloon is just the first installment.

And ya know what?

Compared to what we've been doing for the past few years this balloon is COMICAL!

We have a dedicated spy plane (X-37) that changes orbit, is hard to reach, is supposedly maneuverable in space and has been unchallenged (or so I believe...haven't read otherwise) that we also can assume has been flying with impunity over China.

You don't think China doesn't have anti-sat weapons?


So will I get upset over a freaking balloon?  Nope.  

I don't trust the Pentagon or the service chiefs one bit...BUT I DO THINK that they've taken measures to ensure that it isn't carrying any kind of hostile payload so the danger is miniscule.

Super power games means a willingness to play chess not checkers.

Sometimes you have to save your knight to take out a worthy target and not a pawn.

This balloon doesn't rise to the level of a worthy target.

About that Chinese Spy Balloon...

USMC's Cottonmouth Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle (ARV) is actually small

Norway has decided to procure 54 new, modern Leopard 2A7 battle tanks

French Army's Collective Defense Battle Group (CDBG) in Romania...

US Navy CMV-22B refueling from a USAF KC-10

FUUUCK!!!!! He popped his reserve JUST in time....

I know those trousers are shit stained. He popped that reserve JUST in time. That had to be a terrible ride.

This war in Ukraine has been at least a decade in the making...

To be blunt I can understand why Americans don't understand the history of the lead up to this war in Ukraine. We're far removed from it. It ain't in our backyard. But the Europeans that are beating the war drum? I consider the ones that don't/refuse to remember the lead up to be either liars, batshit stupid, or just warmongers. This should have been avoided.

Well this is part of the reason why jails are so outta control...

You ever work a jail you better keep your head on a swivel cause 99% of the people you deal with are batshit crazy...not normal crazy (is there such a thing?) but batshit hear voices and talk to the voices and the voices respond crazy! But this shit here. Just plain wow. I have to wonder though. Grudges in jail are real. If they figure they can't "jugg" you up then they're gonna put pen to paper to complain. So wonder why these guys ain't seen a complaint if this is real?