Tuesday, August 09, 2022

My CO-Pilot just ran out the back of the plane...

This is weird as FUCK! I can't even imagine. Story here.
Pilot (P): "Raleigh Approach, Shady 02."
Raleigh Approach (RA): "Shady 02, Raleigh"

P: "My co-pilot just ran out the back of the plane."

RA: "Shady 02, what now?"

P: "He just ran out the back of the plane."

RA: "So you don't have a co-pilot on you, sir?"

P: "No, he just jumped out the back of the plane."

RA: "Uh, roger."

P: "Would you like me to circle where he leapt at?"

RA: "Uh, say that again?"

P: "Would you like me to circle where he got out at, or you got me on track?"

RA: "We've still got you on track, but did you need something else?"

P: "No, the dude literally jumped out the back of the plane without a parachute."

*Seven seconds of total silence*

RA: "Shady 02, did you need to do something else, circle or something, or-"

P: "No, I need to land. I'm just making you aware you're gonna have a dead body out where I just called you at. He just jumped out the back of the plane."

RA: "Roger, continue on your heading 0-5-0."

P: "Roger, 0-5-0, 0-2."

Pilot had to think he was in a real life episode of the Twilight Zone! 

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Tues Funny.

Lithium leach field

So instead of climate change (which I still doubt that man is contributing to) we get poisoned water...with the added benefit of procuring the wonderful car batteries from countries that can ill afford to have their water damaged? We're virtue signaling while killing others...we're virtue signaling while destroy the environment of other people's countries. Well done. A few guilty people get to feel better by wrecking other people's shit.

JS IZUMO conducted a Japan-Mexico goodwill exercise with the ARM BENITO JUAREZ and ARM USUMACINTA in vicinity of Hawaii.

Note. I keep talking about how the MEU should have been reinforced. Adding HIMARS with anti-ship missiles would have allowed this concept to go forward without totally ripping apart the Marine Corps. YA KNOW! The way the US Army is doing to flex into the Pacific!!! A modern day LST (which you see sailing for the Mexican Navy) would have been perfect. Pump the MEU up to four ships, have the modern day LST capable of breaking off to make runs to the beach to deposit these "Missile Marines" (still don't know why we just don't setup robots to fire missiles on command at these proposed launch sites and monitor from distance to make sure they're not tampered with) and have them do the recon/counter recon thing (launch and die) as currently planned but still being able to handle the traditional missions. But alas. It's not to be. Aviation centric is the way forward but no one noticed that rotary winged aircraft are extremely vulnerable if the Ukraine/Russia war is an example.

French Navy Landing Craft, Arbalète and the Arquebuse were admitted to active service

Sunday, August 07, 2022

MV-22 operating on HMAS Canberra - Landings - B-Roll

Land Forces from United States, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Chile and Australia joined in an air assault activity as part of a Multi-National amphibious assault training

Empty store shelves again? Is it just rural areas or is this nationwide?

 Went to the "Dollar General" to pick up a jar of Tiger Balm.  

Empty shelves again.

Not just for Tiger Balm but the entire over the counter med section. Not just that but other parts of the store was empty too.

So we're still dealing with crime, high gas, high food prices, inflation in general, illegal immigration, covid part whatever the number is now, monkey pox, war in Ukraine, rising tensions with China, Israel and Hezbollah going at it again, a world wide terror alert because we killed a terrorist that I thought we had already killed once before etc...

You would think that the world's superpower would have cleared at least a few of these issues off the plate by now.

But what are they concerned with?

Price control on insulin (whatever happened to a campaign to get America healthy...we have a problem with so many youth being too fat to serve that its a security issue now), climate change (which I don't buy...climate has always changed on this planet and to think man can do a thing about it is the height of arrogance in my opinion) and a few sweet heart deals to the Senator from West Virginia!

But back on task.

Shouldn't we be past the empty store shelves look?

Is this just my area?

Alternate view of the Ukraine/Russia War