Monday, July 06, 2020

Bus driver left BRAIN DEAD after being BEATEN for refusing to allow passengers to board without masks in France

via RT
A bus driver in France was declared brain dead after being beaten by a group of people he had refused to let on board because they were not wearing mandatory face masks amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.
Police in the city of Bayonne have reportedly arrested five people involved in the brutal beating.

France made face masks compulsory on public transport in April. The driver, who is in his fifties, abided by the rule and refused to transport a group of maskless people, who also reportedly had no tickets.

The lockdowns, the restrictions and the demands by govt...towards free people.

And now the backlash in the form of wearing masks.

I get it...sorta.

People have lost their jobs/livelihoods, been forced to isolate and now instead of getting back to normal its being done in baby steps and the govt still has demands.

Of course its batshit stupid and goes against societal good but I get where the anti-maskers are coming from.

The solution is to provide masks, launch a well thought out propaganda campaign to get their use, setup sanitizing stations.....and to leave it alone.

Enough have died from the disease.  We don't need further confrontation because a few in society would prefer to act in a childish way rather than safeguard their own health.

Side note.  I don't think we're even getting proper information on the masks.  Shouldn't we be washing these things after every use?  Shouldn't we be disinfecting our hands after touching them?  That early mistake of saying they were useless for the public is coming back to haunt officials today.

INDONESIA buys MV-22C's?????


This lady is experiencing genuine pain...she finished though...

She did good.

But don't lie.

You laughed a bit.  You're ashamed (a little) but you laughed.

Adversary Force Company...a good beginning but we need the US Army's assets to make this really useful

I keep hearing that the pacing threat is China.  I keep hearing that the USMC is going to rip itself apart, rebuild and focus on China.

I don't agree ONE BIT on how the Commandant is doing it but ok.  I don't get to call shots, he does (and woe to him and our nation if he's wrong but that's a different discussion) and this is the path we're on.

Which brings me to this Adversary Force Company.

Great idea birthed at 2nd MARDIV.

It needs to go Corps wide and we need to do it big.  An Adversary Company ain't big enough.

We need an adversary brigade...maybe even division.  Which means we need US Army assets (already established at NTC) to play red team for us.  The question is whether or not they could mimic Chinese motorized/mechanized forces.  Would the US Army allow a battalion of 82nd come out for a big exercise to play Chinese paratroops?  Could we get SOCOM to release the Rangers to play the role of Chinese SpecOps to attack our FARPs?

You get the idea.

If we're not gonna do it it right then what use is it?  How do we validate this drastic change of course?

Securing your base via The Art Of Manliness...

Note. I tried to embed the post from The Art Of Manliness Instagram page but failed. Make sure to follow him...he writes some good stuff!

In the novel Moonraker, Ian Fleming writes that in rigorously preparing for another dangerous and uncertain mission, James Bond “had achieved Clausewitz’s first principle. He had made his base secure.”

Fleming’s paraphrase of the famous war strategist’s philosophy is worth adopting not only by military generals, or secret agents, but ordinary citizens as well.

Securing your base means establishing a self-sustaining, shock-resistant “headquarters” that is well-defended against disruptions from external forces.

The foundation of a secure base begins with good health; life is invariably more precarious when one is not physically strong and resilient.

Because debt enslaves, so that what is “yours” is not your own, financial independence further stabilizes your footing.

Skills of all kinds, whether mechanical, domestic, or combative, allow you to rely less on others and more on yourself. Though security doesn’t equal complete self-reliance; tight relationships with family and friends solidify your base too.

Business owners should avoid “entangling alliances”; partnerships, no matter how apparently promising, rarely work out. This includes “partnering” with the overlords of social media, who, with a tiny tweak of their algorithms, can destabilize an entrepreneur’s entire enterprise.

Finally, a secure base requires secure beliefs. While philosophic and political positions can and should evolve over time, they should not be so unexamined, so lacking in well-studied context, that every current of change knocks you into an incapacitating stupor of confusion and cognitive dissonance. You should know *why* you believe what you believe.

The purpose of creating this kind of personal garrison isn’t to passively retreat from the theater of life; rather, it is to create a fortification from which to better launch your offensive operations.

As one of 007’s worthy antagonists explains: “Mister Bond, power is sovereignty. Clausewitz’s first principle was to have a secure base. From there one proceeds to freedom of action.”
Is your base secure?

Puma 30 mm remote turret on Boxer.

Thought the German Army had terrible issues with this turret.  Wonder why Nicholas seems to be so enthralled by it.  Too many better options on the market unless the Germans are giving them away at a massive discount.

Chinese city sounds alert for bubonic plague

Jesus!  If we're not careful China is gonna kill us all...

The hits keep coming for the UK's Armed Forces (except their Navy & Air Force)...Fury at plans to 'cut British Army by 20,000

Welsh Liberal Democrat leader Jane Dodds said reported plans to “gut” army manpower from 74,000 to 55,000 would “diminish” the UK’s “standing on the world stage” and “jeopardise” Britain’s place in NATO. Ms Dodds accused the Prime Minister of “planning huge cuts in the shadows” after The Sunday Times published a report at the weekend.

Security and defence bosses are said to be considering scrapping RAF air bases and a fleet of Hercules planes and Puma helicopters in a bid to save cash, according to the article.

Ms Dodds said: “If these reports are true, then the Conservatives have a lot to answer for.

“Just 8 months ago they were promising to protect our armed forces, now they are planning to gut them.

I have plenty of Brit readers so they can fill you in on the details of this story...I'm just touching on the response to the news from what we would call "liberals" in the US.

I'd also chest thump a bit and talk shit...except I strongly suspect we're one, maybe two years max from massive cuts hitting our own forces (but we do tend to use our military in some ways as a social program so by the grace of God we MIGHT be able to dodge some of it).

Regardless this is bad news and the British Army is gonna be eviscerated.  Unfortunately they've suffered the same indecisiveness in weapons procurement that our forces have (or worse just made terrible decisions) so procurement of weapon systems that should have been completed long ago might suffer the craziness of being only partially completed.

The manpower cuts are disgusting, infuriating and dangerous.

The British Army will be a non-factor.  At best they'll be able to provide a full strength Brigade to any action.

In essence they'll be a support force, not an actual warfighting organization.

We are seeing a once mighty nation and Army being rendered irrelevant.  The Royal Marines will be only capable of raids...and light ones at that.  The UK's armed forces are officially retreating from the world stage.

What's your take on Russia paying a bounty to the Taliban to kill US troops?

I've been watching this story percolate for a few days now and I'm of mixed opinion on it.

Quite honestly I don't know how "excited" I can get by the news.  The Taliban were attacking and trying to kill our troops for the longest time now.  I BELIEVE they would have attacked and tried to kill our troops without or without bounties by the Russians.

I also believe in big boy games.  We played them when the Russians were in Afghanistan and the Russians, Iranians, Chinese, Pakistan and others are playing them now that we're in that country.

I also have extreme difficulty in thinking that CENTCOM, SOCOM, the CIA, DIA and others weren't trying to run all involved to ground...behind the scenes maybe but everyone involved in these bounties I'm sure were probably targeted with quite a few Ninja Hellfires.

Lastly I'm a bit miffed with the National Security Council.  That place is leaking more than a busted pipe on a 100 year old building.

So yeah.  I'm not exactly excited or perturbed by this news. 

I could be wrong.

Tell me why.

Indian Army DRDO WhAP during high altitude test, off road mobility test and floatation test.

If I led Indian Army acquisitions I would look around the world and see what's being produced in the 8x8 market and simply get some great tech transfer agreement and get something now instead of another struggle with development.

Since they're obviously looking at an amphibious requirement that knocks out everyone's favorite (apparently), the Boxer.  If swimming wasn't necessary I wouldn't even bother with that expensive piece of gear and would instead approach the Israelis to see what could happen with the EITAN.

But swim is a requirement so I'd talk to the S. Koreans about the Tigon (?), and ESPECIALLY Patria about their AMV and even Singapore about their 8x8 rig.

I'm not so sure about the USMC's ACV.  Our vehicle might be biased a bit more toward the swim requirement than they're looking for.

Open Comment Post. 6 July 2020

Synthetic Brigade of the 81st Army of the Central Theater Army?

Note.  Wonder what the definition of a "synthetic brigade" is for the Chinese Army?  I also note that the Chinese Army is REAL BIG on parades.  That's telling but quite put my finger on why.

unrelated pic to this discussion but I saw it recently on Twitter and was wondering if anyone knew anything about these MRAP/Utility vehicles...