Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Iraqi super T-55 Al-Kafil-1 MBT

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Sometimes ya got to know when to say when.  Iran.  It's time to say when. Just beg the Chinese or Russians for some surplus MBTs but this foolishness needs to stop.

95th Civil Affairs Brigade doing it big. They walk out the office, board a Chinook and conduct parachute operations...

No green ramp for these boys.  Their CO must have some serious juice...or was it their CO and Command Staff getting in their monthly jump?  Either way its pretty cool...

Osprey of the Ground Self-Defense Force has departed from Iwakuni Base to Kisarazu Garrison

They're actually trying to defend the "New" Marine Corps as a Missile Force...

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via War On The Rocks...
For those concerned about contingencies, it is important to note the Marine Corps will still have more infantry battalions on active duty than it has deployed into combat at any one time since World War II. The only fire support elements that have been seriously reduced are cannon artillery, light helicopter squadrons, and tanks. The major increase in long-range rocket/missile batteries will still allow massed fire in support of ground maneuver.
Story here.

My personal bullet points from the article?

*  The F-35 is not seen as the magic bullet it once was.  He repeats my often stated (and often disputed view) that not only is the USMC cutting it's buy of the airplane but it's also looking at possible further cuts.

He's in total love with the developing missile force.  Every contingency he laid out...from China, to Russia and Iran involved the USMC providing missile fire instead of ground combat forces.  Amazingly enough he even discounts Marine Air in the fight.

Long story short?

He's all about the "New" Marine Corps and the focus on missiles.  How can anyone that cares about the USMC support Berger's vision? 

The reality is stark and real.

If the Marine Corps goes down this path then the Marine Corps will die.  Check out this chart again, read the article carefully and then re-read Berger's vision.

I dispute this chart in one area.  It shows an increase in LAR when Berger's vision points out that he doubts the relevancy of LAR going into the future.

The USMC will provide 21 Rocket/Missile batteries.  If that's what we're putting on the table to the National Command Authority then why have a Marine Corps?  The US Army could easily provide three times that number just in the 25th ID in Hawaii, take over our new "reason for being" and the bean counters would laugh all the way to the bank while re-allocating USMC funds (partially) to the Army and the rest to bread and butter social programs.

This is a terrible plan.  It makes bets that would make a riverboat gambler nervous and it turns America's Expeditionary Force in readiness into a bitched up Missile Force that can only fire long range missiles.

VT-4 in the Royal Thai Army.

EBRC Jaguar armoured car prototype on public display in the Invalides, Paris, for the French national day (pic via Reddit)

Indian Army makes emergency procurement of Russian Sprut SD to counter Chinese Light Tanks at high altitude...

Open Comment Post. 15 July 2020

Bell 360 Invictus

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Libyan Parliament give the Egyptian govt permission to get involved in their civil war..

This!  This is what I've been seeing for at least the past month.  The war in Libya has been heating up, the battle lines are drawn, the allies assembled and the main players are about to enter center stage.

Now is the time for Turkey to either step up or lay down.

I don't think they'll lay down which means that we can expect the Egyptian and Turkish forces to meet on the battlefield.

If it hasn't already happened I think we'll see another Special Operations Olympics with both sides hesitant for their general purpose forces to get involved but that won't last long.

Egypt will push forward their well equipped mechanized infantry/tanks against Libyan backed rebels...those rebels will be forced back and then Turkish conventional forces will have to intercede. 

It's gonna be rough on them because of the distance involved in getting to theater which means that air and sea battles could erupt.

This might be the first big fight of the 2020's.

Terrible decision making when confronting a well trained LEO...

China's Ballistic & Cruise Missiles...

Note.  The Chinese Pershing almost ensures that the new Marine Corps battle theory is dead in the water.  If they have ISR capability that allows them to target ships then they can also target a couple of anti-ship missile carrying vehicles on land.  There will be no easy fight.