Friday, May 28, 2010


The Jordanians (KADDB) have been making some impressive moves lately.  First they land a contract from a major and innovative US firearms firm to license produce weapons.  Then BAE announces that they're opening new offices in that makes you wonder what they're up to.

Well a check of their website revealed a couple of new things....first their heavy APC based on the Chieftan appears to have been further modified and perfected....

Second, they appear to be making strides in unmanned ground vehicles.  Information on the state of both vehicles is lacking but KADDB is a natural fit for a partnership with BAE.  Firearms are big business in the Middle East so the partnership with LWRC also seems natural.

The King of Jordan seems ready to make his little country a natural counter weight ---at least militarily ---to Iran.  From my understanding of Middle Eastern politics and sensibilities that would seem like a good thing.  The next step, and one I'll be looking for, is investment from Saudi Arabia and the UAE.  If that happens then fear of Iran will make Jordan a major player in the region (if they already aren't).

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