Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Otokar's Arma Wheeled Infantry Fighting Vehicle.

All images courtesy Otokar.

Via Otokar.  More info on Otokar's vehicle line-up can be found here.
ARMA is the modular multi-wheel configuration wheeled armoured vehicle with superior tactical and technical characteristics. Thanks to the high level of ballistic and mine protection as well as the outstanding design allowing the integration of various types of mission equipments or armament, ARMA is an adaptable 6x6 platform for evolving mission needs in a modern battlefield forming an optimum solution among mobility, modularity and protection.
ARMA 6x6 has an 18,500 kg combat weight and carries a driver, commander and eight dismounts. ARMA is transportable by various means including C130 aircraft.
ARMA with longitudinal and transverse differantial locks, geared hubs and double wisbone type independent hydropneumatic suspension, offers respectable all terrain mobility on difficult terrain, high level safety and comfort for the crew.
ARMA is developed and validated by Otokar's R&D capabilities and now ready for production.

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