Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pod Guns. A simple solution to the MV-22 firepower problem.

In the above video you notice that the NH-90 has pod guns that are forward firing.  This same system applied to the MV-22 might be a more satisfactory solution to the issue of MV-22 firepower.

The issue that brought the turret system to the airplane is the worry about being able to provide defensive firepower when entering landing zones.

This might be a cheap- low cost-solution to that problem.


  1. Mmm' maybe not - either MV22 under-belly turret, or good ol' fashioned door guns can be aimed, the podded guns are fixed forward firing, not much use for defensive suppressive fire ?

  2. they don't use door guns on the MV-22...tilt rotors and all. turret causes you to lose 3 Marines from your lift. makes the operator dizzy.

    forward firing isn't perfect but they look like they can tilt down a bit. not perfect but better than what we have.

    and if you use the SUU-16, you can get a gatling gun out of the issue...

  3. Could be an option for SOF/CSAR V-22s. However, for the Marines I'd say keep the CAS role with the Cobras, Harriers and future F-35Bs. Adding guns on the V-22 just costs Marines and a hovering, gun-blazing V-22 is still just a target.

    Perhaps some rocket-pods to saturate the area in just one large barrage, but no (dedicated) gunship role for the Osprey.

    The CH-46 and CH-53s had little offensive guns (save for some door gunners) and had little real requirement as it just got in the way of their primary assault role. Same should be for the V-22.

  4. wouldnt side mounted gun pods have the same problems as door guns on the osprey? i have the impression from the propeller warnings on the aircraft that there is little to no room to spare when the aircraft is in forward flight mode, the pods would have to be far back on the fuselage, and the big landing gear sponson comes into play. overall i dont see how the pods in that particular form, good as they are (they seem to be semi-trainable in the vertical axis from the video) can be made to work for the osprey. but the look a brilliant solution to add extra firepower to blackhawks or provide apaches with anti-personnel small caliber suppression (the 30mm is serious overkill).

  5. the reason why i thought this might work is because i thought they'd be close enough to the body as to not be affected.

    you could be right....i'm just not sure.


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