Monday, September 06, 2010

BAE Alligator/SEP canceled???

Thanks RAF for the heads up on this story!  Appreciate it!

It seems that BAE is canceling the Alligator/SEP.  Is this part of a new effort by BAE to consolidate in the face of upcoming budget cuts?  I don't know but expect recently acquired companies like Hagglunds to become independent again. This is translated text from the original article which can be found here.
Alligator sold no more
By: Eddie Pröckl
Posted September 3, 2010 15:41 44 comments

Hägglunds suspends the development of the SEP / Alligator.
If there is a new procurement of vehicles for the Swedish defense, the company will not participate.
For Hagglunds and Alligator Friday August 13 was a bad luck day.
 - We are still disappointed, but we have reached a point where we move forward and turn the page. We willdo better to focus on other business, says Ola Thorén, Senior Vice President at BAE Systems Hägglunds in Örnsköldsvik.
The procurement of 113 vehicles for the Swedish military is now halted pending a ruling of the Administrative Court. FMV gave the order to the Patria, but the whole contract was challenged by Mowag, one of the companies that like Hagglunds was disqualified. Mowag, among other things, claims that the entire contract must be repeated.
- Even if it happens, we will not participate. And that decision is based on an understanding of how the FMV reason, says Ola Thorén, but would not go into details.

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  1. The 6x6 Alligator is still very much alive:


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