Sunday, October 17, 2010

CH-53K video...observations...

Just a few points that I missed and others picked up on and a few things i saw on the second running...

1.  Deep penetration mission with Special Ops.
2.  Same mission set as V-22 which was  also flashed in the vid.
3.  Sneak peek at the armed X-2 supporting the CH-53K.
4.  Resupply of an outpost under attack (revised view of our outposts that were overrun in Afghanistan)...if only we had the CH-53K...
5.  It appears that the defensive arms were used in an offensive role.
6.  Interservice operations...from an Air Force base to an LHD.

Did I miss anything?


  1. The x-2 look like unmanned without a cockpit.I don't know if is a effect in the movie but look without cockpit

  2. Yes, that's Sikorsky's X2 VUAS, basically an attempt to get a return on the X2 TD (same spaceframe).

    Interesting claim that the CH-53's mission set "includes gas and oil platform operations." That's presumably in the context of Strait of Hormuz 'operations' rather than the Gulf of Mexico crew transfers.

    I like the swipe at Boeing (CH-47 being recovered via CH-53K sling-load).


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