Sunday, March 27, 2011

RAF Tornado gun camera footage from the Libya conflict.

Looks like the Brits aren't as shy as we are about sharing gun camera footage from the conflict in Libya.  I don't know what type of munition is being used but I'd guess its a Brimstone Missile...finally note the hit on the last APC in the footage.  It didn't look like a clean hit to me...the crew might be KIA/WIA but the vehicle should be recoverable.


  1. MFD, not 'gun camera'....

  2. RNoAF F-16 footage:

    CAF CF-18

    B. Bolsøy

  3. i got the links you sent earlier but i didn't understand the language.

    i was going to post them anyway...especially the grunt footage but outside of me, you and few others that understand the misery, joy and pain, i didn't think it would register with the other readers...

  4. I was thinking 500lbs Paveway IV. Some of those explosions look a trifle large to be Brimstone to my admitted un-expert eye...

  5. Haven't seen Brimstone in action over Libya yet either. Strange.

  6. Though Wiki stated that "Brimstone made its combat debut in Libya."

  7. Now USAF AC-130's and A-10's are in action.

    According the "The Boresight" blog, USAF, USN, and USMC aircraft and TLAMs have taken out hundreds of vehicles and SAMs. Can we PLEASE get some video of even ONE of those strikes! I'm annoyed when the Pentagon won't release footage of regular strikes, but when they don't release footage of AC-130 strikes I get pissed.

  8. ya know i saw a Pentagon Channel news report of the fighting an saw an A-10 with huge drop tanks coming in for a landing...i thought it was just file footage and didn't now they were actually in combat.


  9. GAU-8 Avenger at work. Sweet.

    Can expect this kind of low-intensity A/G interdiction mission in foreseeable future.

  10. still pretty ballsy considering the MANPAD threat...the open borders and the chance for jihadist to knock down coalition aircraft.

    the biggest threat to the coalition itself is for either Khadafi or some other element to get their hands on a pilot and his WSO and to take them apart on TV.

    public opinion would turn solidly against this effort.

    think a repeat of Somalia.

  11. "A10s Tag Team with P3s to Savage Libyan Coast Guard



  12. @ Sol

    Considering your background and all, it's pitiful how you get nailed down by irrational fear when duty calls.

    What a fucking chicken.

  13. "Massoud's personal mysticism led him to fight without hatred, bitterness, or spirit of revenge, regarding armed conflict only as an imposed and necessary evil in order to defend his people's freedom, certainly not as an end in itself to be enjoyed as bloodlust or intoxication with power. He always provided protection for humanitarian relief in the most difficult and dangerous circumstances, looked for reconciliation with defeated enemies, and invariably treated his war prisoners with humanity and dignity. To this I was witness ... Such moral integrity in the midst of warfare ranks Massoud as one of the very few « philosopher kings » in history, that is, men who have been forced to wage war so as to protect their nation and people, but who detested war in itself and sought no personal political gain."

    Nope. You surely don't have talent and moral courage other than playing amateur war games in your and jerking off with your own rifles. What a fucking classic American chicken.


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