Monday, June 27, 2011

First Operational Test P-8A Arrives at NAS Patuxent River

NAVAL AIR SYSTEMS COMMAND PATUXENT RIVER, Md. – The Navy has received its first P-8A production representative operational test aircraft June 24.

The new P-8A arrived at NAS Patuxent River and it will join three developmental test aircraft already undergoing integrated testing in preparation for initial operational test and evaluation of the P-8A Poseidon.

The Navy entered into Low Rate Initial Production of the first six Poseidon aircraft in January 2011. These aircraft will be used to form the first operational P-8A squadron, which is scheduled for initial operational capability in 2013.

German Army is combat IN-effective.

That's right.  According to an article in the Daily Beast the German Army is combat in-effective.

Thanks Jonathan!  Much appreciated.  Read the entire article but here's some highlights.

First this...
"German soldiers mostly don’t know how to use their weapons.” They “have no or little experience driving armored vehicles.” For German field commanders, “the necessity and ways [to protect their units from roadside bombs] are to a large extent either unknown or incorrect.”
Then this...
The secret reports bemoan German soldiers’ outdated training and antiquated, insufficient equipment. German forces could not operate if it weren’t for Ukrainian cargo planes and American helicopters and their U.S. Army crews, most crucially the Chinook troop transports and Black Hawk MedEvac helicopters that ensure Bundeswehr soldiers can get into and out of their battles quickly and safely. Considering Obama’s announcement about the beginning of the pullout of U.S. forces, the Bundeswehr couldn’t even fight in terrain like Afghanistan’s if it wanted to. “If the Americans pull out of the north, the Germans will stand there in very short skirts,” says Bundeswehr General and former NATO Commander Egon Ramms.
I wish I could lay my hands on the actual report. This is damning. 

The most powerful economy in Europe is no longer capable or willing to defending itself.


Hyundai Rotem's Wheeled Armored Vehicles.

The Koreans have been busy developing and expanding their armored vehicle lines.  Everyone pays attention to the K-21 and the K-1 MBT but Hyundai is attempting to meet its competition when it comes to Wheeled Armored Vehicles.

I wondered why no wheeled vehicle from the West has turned up in Asia.  Now I know.  Between the offerings from Singapore, Taiwan and S. Korea...not to mention China, this market is closed. 



Army Humor.

This guy is funny as hell.  Check him out here.

Militarized Police.

A no knock raid.

On US soil by law enforcement officers decked out like an Infantry unit.

Amazingly, they always seem to go against people that don't have the training or the will to resist.  The real hard cases always seem to be missed in these raids (Recall the mobster that is accused of killing 19 plus people?  No SWAT raid...just a ruse to get him out the house...and many suspect him of being the gray haired bandit that was robbing banks in the Los Angeles area).

Militarized Police forces is a problem.  I don't have a position on legalizing drugs.  I do have a position on abuse of police power.

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