Sunday, March 11, 2012

Chilean Marder's and Leopard 2A4's.

I've had a focus on the happenings in the Middle East, Europe and the Pacific.

Understandable but probably not smart. Ya see we have a bunch of stuff going on in S. America that deserves attention.

How I missed it I don't know but tiny Chile is building a formidable force.  Their order of battle is impressive and they have a goal of having a fully mechanized Army by 2015.  But the photos of the Leopard 2 and Marder operating in battle formation had me asking one question.

Who are they getting ready for?


  1. What eles? War with Peru.

    Had the pleasure of training with their Infantry de Marina a few years ago. Still talk to a group of them, great warriors.

  2. wow. i didn't know Chile and Peru were at odds. but i did know that US Marines were training Chilean soldiers....

  3. They have some history and as they share a border thats disputed, that always leads to tension. Wouldn't say a war is just going to kick off but hey? I'm mean snookie is having a child the day before the myans say the world will end, who knows

  4. Maybe history will repeat itself with Argentina feeling it's oats (and offering a distraction to a crappy economy) but the attack to the West instead of to the East?


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