Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Marine Art.

Battle of Belleauwood

"I had just read Ernst Jünger's brutal World War I memoirs, 'Storm of
Steel', and was really inspired to do some imagery from that time
period. Naturally, I went looking for the Marine Corps' side of the
story and read up more on the Battle of Belleau Wood. Initially I
thought about doing this with traditional paints, but there's already
a lot of incredible paintings depicting Belleau Wood. So I did a
sketch in ink brush, which I then scanned and colored in Adobe
Photoshop. Although I do love doing drawings from real life, with this
image I deliberately took a more exaggeratedly stylized approach to
make something that looked like it could be a screencap from an
animated film about Belleau Wood."
(U.S. Marine Corps Artwork by Cpl. Reagan Lodge)
I'm really digging some of the art work that these guys are putting out.  Who knew but they even have a combat art school.  Cool.


Sgt. Shawn P. Sales created this graphite and charcoal drawing on Strathmore Cold Press watercolor paper. The drawing was created as a training tool for an in-house class on how to create depth in a drawing.December 11, 2010
(U.S. Marine Corps Artwork by Sgt. Shawn P. Sales)

Rockets from Rooftops

Sgt. Shawn P. Sales created this ink and graphite drawing depicting a United States Marine Holding an AT4 weapon system. The drawing was created on 11X17 drawing paper to to gain Proficiencies in shading techniques. Oct .23 2011, Fort George G. Meade, MD.
(U.S. Marine Corps Artwork by Sgt. Shawn P. Sales)

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