Monday, May 07, 2012

DAMN IT! Afghan Soldier Murders US Marine and wounds another.

Sorry bastards.

How long are we going to play patty cake with these corrupt dogs?

Time to call in an airstrike on the entire GOD forsaken country and turn them and the land into glass.  I am so tired of our guys sacrificing and dying to help these primates.

Here's the story from
KABUL, Afghanistan -- An Afghan soldier has killed one U.S. Marine and wounded another before being shot to death in return fire in southern Afghanistan, the latest in a series of attacks against foreigners blamed on government forces working with coalition troops.
Sunday's attack is among nearly 20 this year that have raised the level of mistrust between the U.S.-led coalition and its Afghan partners as NATO gears up to hand over security to local forces ahead of a 2014 deadline for the withdrawal of combat troops.
Read the rest of it but its just bullshit.  Everything you need to know about this war is contained in the first paragraph.

Long story short.  Its time to go.

Oh and for the liberal readers that I have (and its nothing personal) but  if you think that I'm painting with a broad brush and that all Afghans aren't bad then I have this to say.


Before you hit me with an ounce of equivalency take a few moments to think about this Marines Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Wife, Girlfriend, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, Grandma, Grandpa and everyone else that calls him friend.

One Marine is worth that entire country to me.

And if you don't like it then pound sand.


  1. I know, who that liberal comment was aimmed at!! me.

    but your right to an extent, time to move on, get out let the afghans, take over there own defence, give them air support, technical help but pull out the majority of troops, but keep our large airbases, they may come in handy, for knocking down irans door

  2. HEAR...HEAR...
    turn to glass save our brother and sisters!
    Semper Fi!

  3. War's war. If you go into another nation expecting to fight a guerrilla war where the enemy doesn't play by your rules, expect casualties. Happened in Vietnam, happened in Iraq, and it happens in Afghanistan. I do agree that it is time to leave and let them sort out their own issues.


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