Saturday, June 30, 2012

Olifant Mk 2 Main Battle Tank.

I've watched the US' move into Africa with much interest.  Special Ops are leading the way covertly and you see a big contingent of Marines and I would assume soon Soldiers.

It started in the North of the continent and has moved into Central Africa...but one question vexs me.  Why haven't I seen military to military teaming with the nation of S. Africa?  This would seem to be a no brainer to me, they have the most technologically advanced military on the continent (with Egypt being a close second), they're the most stable of all the African countries (including Egypt) and they're experienced when it comes to operations in the bush.

Putting the questions aside, when looking at S. African armor I am impressed.  Take for example the Olifant Mk 2 Main Battle Tank.

The S. African's have taken a 1950's warhorse and made it capable of dealing with almost any threat in the region by itself and it becomes even more formidable when operating as part of a combined arms team. has the best info and you can read more about it here.


  1. Gota love s. Africa, capable of taking in anything in Africa that could come their way. And they have a good grasp on military tech and keeping current. I know of a few mitt teams that have train down there sol. Just not the big exercises which surprises me.

  2. Google "The Real South Africa"

    That is why we dont work with the South Africans.
    A one party state where the youth wings unofficial but widely used anthem is "kill the boer" (IE whites), preferably sang whilst holding a knock off kalashnikov.

  3. South Africa before 1990

    I'm a South African and i can vouch for this : " before 1990 South Africa had one of the best trained and equipped armies in the world despite being under sanctions because of the appartheid government". Unfortunately in my opinion at least the current armed forces may be well equipped but compared to any first world army they are a joke. Non-existent leadership and corruption, lack of maintenance and use and a absence of effective training have destroyed any technical advantage that the South African armed forces had over the rest of Africa. I'm still a proud South African and completely opposed to the previous regime and regard South Africa as one of the best places to live in the world, but current administration, government and leadership of South Africa is subtly turning it into the next Zimbabwe or Congo.


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